Microsoft quietly releases Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.29

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  1. This concerns me. I chose to have MS tell me when updates are available for my Lumia 930. I got one today but wasn’t told any details. Turns out I’m still on 8.1 Denim. But if they sneakily install 10 without telling me I won’t be too pleased.

  2. w0gb0i

    You should thank them.

    It is head and shoulders above 8.1

  3. Matts Computer Support

    Its nearing that stage where it over takes 8.1 in speed e.g its already performing shockingly smooth on low ends which they optimized it for as the minimum.
    Edge as well already faster than IE11 on the same Hardware.

  4. If they install it without my say-so I should thank them?

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