Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10136 released to Fast Ring

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  1. I have a Nokia Lumia 630 windows phones…wanting to upgrade to 640XL…the concern that is holing me back is I am not able to attach douments(Word,Excel,PPT) in a trailing mail, though I can do so in a fresh mail….pls advise is this gonna be a never ending issue or is there a solution to fix…if no I will be forced to switch over to a Android Phone.

  2. In Windows 10, totally new much improved Mail app is coming. If you are testing Windows 10, can try the new Mail app.

    I fully agree about the old mail app, there’s no direct option to attach docs in fresh mail. Have to open Office , from there you have to attach.

  3. Sir thank you for your reply….which is much appreciated….in short will I overcome this issue in the 640xl or will this continue?

  4. Actually if you are interested, you can try the Windows 10 now on your Lumia 630 itself. (Please note at present its the preview so better to have it on backup Phone & not on your Primary phone ). When Windows 10 final ver gets released later this year..Windows Phones will get upgraded to Windows 10. So if you are not trying Preview on 630 now…later this year your 630 too will be upgraded. 640 XL too at present is running Windows 8.1 update 2 .

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