Windows 10 stable users seeing Insider Build notifications

Soon after the release of Windows 10 Insider Fast ring build 17751, there was a bit of outrage over a notification prompting users to update their Windows 10 device. Why? The toast notification for Windows 10 Insider Update wasn’t just visible to Windows Insiders but non-Insiders too.

Insiders Build

Microsoft mistakenly rolls out Insider Update Notification to non-Insiders

Although the update caused a lot of confusion, there was nothing to worry about as clicking on the ‘Update’ option only took users to the Windows Update settings page but did not download the Insider preview automatically.

Users on Twitter started reporting that they are receiving the same notification on non-Insider Windows 10 devices.

The company was quick to acknowledge the issue and issue a statement via tweet. Brandon LeBlanc assured that the timely measures taken had fixed the problem and checked it before becoming widespread.

So, if you happen to be a non-Windows Insider who hasn’t signed up for the Fast ring but did see the prompt, do not worry. The prompt does not carry out any unintended actions.

The main benefit of being in the Fast Ring is that its users are among the first to use and provide valuable feedback on new and improved features. However, there are also a few shortfalls associated with this. For example, if you have devices in the Fast Ring, you should be prepared for issues arising out of incomplete or unfinished features. Also, there can be few remote chances of certain features failing to work on some device configurations.

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