Windows 10 Universal Apps coming to Xbox One soon says Microsoft CEO

Ever thought about using Windows 10 apps on your Xbox One? Well, this is going to happen according to Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella. We’ve long known that Cortana will head to the Xbox One, but as it stands now, that’s not the only Windows 10 app coming to the console.

Xbox One

Universal Apps coming to Xbox One

Nadella, in an interview at the Madrid dotNet Conference, confirmed that the company’s Universal Applications will be coming to the Xbox One very soon. We’re not sure what he means by very soon, but this appear to be something the company could announce at an event set before the end of the month.

Universal Applications are designed to run on all Windows 10 related devices. It is similar to what Java had envisioned in the past, you know, write once and run anywhere.

The plan to bring Unviversal Apps to the forefront is Microsoft’s biggest move to help boost adoption of Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 overall. We doubt this would be able to shift many consoles, but it should at least keep die-hard fans from running off the PlayStation 4, and help pave the way for the next Xbox.

Nadella did not state which apps fans should expect to see come to the Xbox One, but if were to guess, the likes of Twitter and PhotoShop Express could be among the few. Chances are, we might see a few games from the Windows Store as well, but we’re counting more on apps than games at this point.

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  1. Not a Fan

    yeah, like this is going to help the sagging sales of the xBox. The device is junk and Satya’s employment should be terminated – he is an absolute idiot.

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