Windows 10 users will soon be able to login using Google account

Until now Windows 10 users had to compulsorily login to their systems by using Microsoft credentials or by using a local username and password. This is set to change as Microsoft is likely to allow Windows 10 users to log in by using a Google Account. At this moment the feature seems to be restricted to G Suite accounts, however in the near future it might be extended to Google accounts as well.

Windows 10 users can use Google login

Windows 10 users can use Google login

As per a new project uploaded to the Chromium team’s code review site Windows users can use credential providers to authenticate the users when they log in. Currently, the Windows comes preloaded with authenticators for passwords, Windows Hello, smart card and a pin. Microsoft also allows the third party to create their credential provider and register the same with Windows.

The source stumbled upon this feature after they found that the Google Credential Provider was allowing users to log in using Google Accounts and ID Administration which was created by G Suite administrators. With this feature, Google should be able to position their G Suite for the enterprise customers in a much more efficient manner.

The new provider appeared on Chromium Gerrit site, a portal used by Chromium devs for peer code review. The project was titled “Google Credential Provider for Windows” and is apparently being developed by a Chromium developer who goes by the name of Roger Tawa.

So this is how it works, the Google Credential Provider will be installed via a setup executable with the name gcp_installer.exe. Furthermore, this setup executable will come with a description of “Google Credential Provider installer”. Once the installer is launched it will register the Google credential provider. That apart it will also configure the Chrome to launch automatically when the user logs in for the first time and this is done by adding a link to the startchromeonfirstlogin.cmd and loading it into the user’s Startup folder.


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