Windows 7 Box Designs. a ‘leading Polish website’ about Microsoft products and technology, have published shots of the Windows 7 retail packaging.

win 7 boxes

Adam Stepien, editor-in-chief of, wrote to us and mentioned that they have received it from Microsoft. 


Hope they are real! For more details visit

UPDATE 1 : istartedsomething is reporting that they are fake!.

UPDATE 2 : Adam Stepien, editor-in-chief of has replied back to us – “These shots are not fakes. Microsoft has released other stuff like presentations, advertising (not leaked yet) where you can find these images, so it won’t change.”

UPDATE 3 : istartedsomething says he was wrong.

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  1. What a coincindence? I too got this news just few minutes back and blogged just now.

    Btw, these images are really cool.

  2. Al

    How did you get in touch with Adam? Can’t find his email anywhere

  3. He contacted me first. I thus asked him for a clarification at that mail id.

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