Windows 7 themed restaurant opens in Taiwan

The first ever Windows 7 themed restaurant has opened in Taiwan. Hot Fried 77 restaurant offers “Windows 7 themed meals” for NTD $77.

This restaurant offers you a taste of hot-fried (Chinese Stir-Fry) food at $77 Taiwan dollars or USD 3.

Microsoft Taiwan and a famous seafood restaurant worked together for 7 dishes featuring Windows 7. You can only get a taste of one $77 dish every day and it’s only available for a limited time period of two months.

More pictures at TechBang.

Windows 7 burgers first, Windows 7 ‘Stir-Fry’ food now … what next!?

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  1. TheBigOldDog

    Let’s see, I’ll start with the core i7 with a side of solid Japanese made capacitors and a nice WD Raptor, medium rare.

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