Windows 7 wins InfoWorld’s 2010 Technology of the Year Award

Infoworld has declared its Technology Awards for 2010.

The product categories yielding 2010 Technology of the Year Award winners include CPUs, blade servers, server virtualization, SANs, development tools, cloud services, social networking software, and smartphones.

“Our most difficult dilemma was between Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7. Mac OS X was not only our reigning champ, but Snow Leopard edged Windows 7 in our PC vs. Mac death match.

We also recognize that Snow Leopard, a wholly 64-bit Intel-based OS that finally sheds the baggage of Apple’s PowerPC days, is the culmination of an extremely well executed transformation of Mac OS X.

But for its dramatic and sorely needed improvement over Windows Vista, Windows 7 wins our award.”

Read on to discover the rest of the year’s winners. Watch slide-show.

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