Windows 8.1 gets 3D printing support built into it

Apart from promoting its newest operating system, Microsoft is also trying to push and encourage 3D printing revolution. During the Build Conference yesterday i.e. June 26, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Preview and showed off Windows 8.1‘s new built-in 3D printer support.

3d printing

3D printing with Windows

The native support for 3-D printers aims to make 3D designing and printing more accessible. Microsoft demonstrated the very fact by creating a virtual version of a plastic vase and then starting to print it on a MakerBot Replicator 2 printer.

Until now, 3D printing required an array of different software packages, from design software to “slicing” software and separate programs that connect your home computer to each individual printer. This made the process of 3-D printing somewhat cumbersome. However, the whole scenario changes with the debut of Windows 8.1. The OS offers an application programming interface (API) that provides all the necessary tools to send content to 3D printers with no special work.

Just as you can plug in any standard paper printer to a desktop computer, Windows 8.1 can allow a user to plug in printers like the MakerBot Replicator to work with Windows. And then you can get the print!

Our goal to is to make the experience of 3D printing as easy as creating and printing a document using Microsoft Word. We’re thrilled incredible companies like MakerBot are implementing Windows 8.1 support to make 3D printing a reality for the masses, and we look forward to being inspired by what people create when these amazing new software and hardware experiences come together.” said Shanen Boettcher, General Manager, Startup Business Group, Microsoft.

For more information, visit Microsoft.

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