Windows 8 Consumer Preview usage twice that of Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Microsoft had a vision. It wanted its users to re-imagine the way they interact with their daily computers. It wanted to bring a change, a positive one. And that change was Windows 8. Windows 8 Consumer Preview was launched on 29th February 2012 and has been going strong since then. Millions have already started using the Windows 8 Consumer Preview which comes as a fresh change from the earlier Windows version, namely Windows 7.

Chitika Insights has conducted a new research study to determine the current rate of adoption of Windows 8 Consumer Preview in the U.S and Canada,  the results of which might be good news for the Microsofties.

To quantify this study, Chitika took a sample composed of hundreds of millions of ad impressions from within its Ad network; ranging from April 13 to April 19, 2012.

A user agent analysis was then conducted on this sample of data to determine the current rate of adoption for Windows 8 compared to other Windows operating systems available in the market.

A table depicting the results of this study can be seen below:

The compiled results hang in favor of Steven Sinofsky and his Windows 8 team. Windows 8 CP makes up for 0.13% of all Windows traffic. In simple words, it means one out of every 1000 runs the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. This traffic level is twice that of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion and thrice that of the Windows 8 Developer Preview. The Windows 8 Consumer Preview has many updates and improvements compared to the Developer Preview and has held quite well from the past two months (almost). Though it’s a bit buggy too but a clean, fast and refreshing Windows 8 is expected during the final version launch.

Though the results may be regional (only U.S and Canada), they do reflect the traffic levels across the globe, thus giving the Windows 8 team a shot in their arm.

Thanks to the impressive list of new additions and refreshing changes, Microsoft has a winner in Windows 8!

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