Windows 8? Microsoft Wants You To Migrate To Windows 7 For Now!

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  1. I will tell you what, if future operating systems coming from Microsoft are anything like Windows 8 there are going to be alot of people who are just not going to migrate past Windows 7.

    Microsoft has become a money hungry machine and they are going to try and soak every nickel they can out of people on this new OS.

    Want your upgrade with the purchase of a new pc? …….. pay Microsoft (This was free when upgrading from Vista to 7 with a purchase of a new pc)
    Want to make upgrades to Windows 8 itself like adding media center? …… pay Microsoft
    Want all those cool little gadgets for the Metro UI? …… better break out that wallet again!

    Plus I can only fathom what they will be charging for a boxed version of 8.

    Of coarse they will try to push people towards 8 also after a while, sighting security issues with 7 after about a year or so after 8 comes out. But I am here to tell you, people make their OWN security issues with the way they surf and use their pc’s. Don’t engage in abnormal activity and the normal user will be fine, go snooping around where you should not be then you deserve what you get, otherwise 7 is going to be fine for years to come.

  2. I agree totally. No one is going to pay separately for operating system and then for the applications that were supposed to be free with Windows. Also, with the kind of new os they have developed, am sure people will wait for the next operating (Windows 9 or probably 10) before moving on.

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