Windows 8 to offfer Metro UI as well as the Desktop experience

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  1. This is whats wrong with Windows 8, its trying to be a touch driven OS that will act as a traditional desktop OS!
    Here is your new metro interface (probably best to have a bucket handy before you boot it for the first time) that’s useless on a desktop.
    But don’t worry, you can revert to your old desktop at any time!!!!
    Eh,,,so whats the point of me upgrading from 7 which is my current OS that runs my legacy apps, is stable, relatively new and secure?
    Well,8 uses less resources, has an app store and a new interface..
    My pc has enough to power 7, i have plenty of options for software and the new interface looks like my 4 yr old son designed it….
    I also have concerns that 8 might not run my old apps, come to think of it, will legacy apps not be pretty useless on a touch OS thats geared up for new light apps.

    MS have forgot what their core users actually do with Windows, Windows and Office are MS cash cows so would it not be sensible to continue their recent success with 7 and make a bumper desktop OS that people will want.
    If they want to break the tablet market then making a OS that’s designed for a tablet might be a good place to start.
    Apple won the tablet battle by producing a proper tablet OS, Apple would sacrifice the Mac for tablets but MS could never ditch Windows `in the same way as Windows is their bread and butter.

    MS scored well with the Windows phone, they made a OS designed for a phone so it worked.
    So why the hell did they not do the same for the tablet and design a light OS from scratch.
    For desktops they should continue the good work from 7, there are plenty of areas to develop Windows further and give their traditional customers a bumper new desktop OS and Office product.

    Instead they have went down this route of combining both into a freak OS that needs much development to match their claims.
    They boast it will run on low powered ARM machines, so where are they and will they be able to run all Windows features or will some Windows features be disabled.
    8 uses less resources, will it still be so lean after i add my old programs loaded with 7’s code to it, will they work at all?
    These are only a few problems and it already looks like a repeat performance of ME which was also useless at supporting older software.

    Windows 8 will be ignored by desktop users and will fail to impress tablet users..

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