Windows 8 overtakes Windows Vista; Windows 7 still on top

Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8 has slowly gained the ground and finally over-took Windows Vista in terms of market share. It has surpassed Windows Vista and has become the fourth most popular operating system variant in the world after 7 months of its life.

Windows 8, which was initially considered as a disaster for Microsoft by some, presently stands on the third position when comes to Windows OS exclusively. However, Windows 7 is still on the top with 53.39% of market 8 takes over vista

According to the market researcher StatCounter, Windows 8 is now installed on around 5.75% computers worldwide whereas Vista lags behind with 5.44% of market share. Windows XP stands on the second position with its 21.3% market share followed by Mac OS X with 7.51% of market share.

While Windows 7 is still the most popular operating system; Windows 8 is growing slowly and Windows XP/Vista are slipping down. May 2013 was not that good for Windows Vista as it slipped down from 4.75% to 4.51%, although, Windows 8 gained around 0.43% in May 2013.

This growth of Windows 8 is certainly good news for the software giant at this point when they are all set to release their next variant of OS Windows 8.1 Enterprise edition. Microsoft will reportedly roll out official preview of Windows 8.1 update codenamed –Blue later this month on June 26. The stable version of the same is expected to release sometime in August 2013.

Furthermore, there are a few speculations about Microsoft working on Windows 9 which may release sometime in November 2014.

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  1. I don’t wonder at it Vista was and is notoriously slow, I found 8 much faster but prefer win 7 over them which is fast also. If one puts junk on their computer it obviously will slow it down. As was stated on The windows club previously use the disc clean up it works for me

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