Windows 8 now owns 2.3% of Windows traffic on the web

Well, here’s some awesome news for Microsoft! Chitika, one of the leading brands in the advertisement sector, has published a report claiming the fact that Windows 8 now owns 2.3% of Windows traffic on the web, in just 2 months of its debut.


This data is as of December 13th, which comes nearly two months after the date on which Windows 8 was released to general availability. This report will give a lot of relief to Microsoft, who has played one of the biggest bet with Windows 8. However Windows 7 continues to lead the market as it claims 59.5% of all Windows traffic.

Chitika Insights examined a sample of hundreds of millions of Windows impressions from the Chitika Ad Network. This data was drawn from a date range of October 15th to December 13th, and focuses on impressions from the U.S. and Canada only. According to the report Windows XP, still continues to share 27.1% of total Windows Traffic, with Windows Vista on 11.1%.


The graph from Chitika reveals that Windows 8 traffic reached its peak during the first week of December this year. However after that the traffic from Windows 8 has largely remained flat and there wasn’t any massive increase or decrease either.

The fact that the data is of only U.S. and Canada based users makes it a bit of incomplete report because there are several other countries where the adoption rate of Windows 8 might be lower than these countries.

Still, this news will bring a sigh of relief to Microsoft camp who have been trying their butt of to convince people to upgrade to their new operating system which according to them provides a seamless experience from Tablets to laptops and desktops.

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