Windows 8 Pro upgrade to cost $199.99 from Feb 1

Microsoft last year had announced its Windows 8 promotional offer. As you all know it is limited time offer, and is available till January 31st 2013. Microsoft today announced update on Windows 8 Pricing. Microsoft shared the pricing details for the Windows 8 upgrade editions that will begin in February, so those want to upgrade can still take advantage of the promotional offer before 31st Jan.


Windows 8 Upgrade Pricing

Starting in February, Windows 8 upgrade editions will be priced as follows :

  • The Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition will be available online and at retail for $199.99 MSRP (U.S.).
  • The Windows 8 upgrade edition will be available online and at retail for $119.99 MSRP (U.S.).
  • The Windows 8 Pro Pack will cost $99.99 MSRP (U.S.).
  • The Windows 8 Media Center Pack will cost $9.99 MSRP (U.S.).

Until January 31st, 2013, you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99 (US). The actual price of the offer will vary by region, so do check accordingly.

There’s also another great offer for those Windows 7 PC purchases done between June  2nd, 2012 and January 31st , 2013. Just register at Windows Upgrade Offer and upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for only $14.99 ERP* (U.S.). Check for your country, it’ll be priced accordingly. For India – it’s for just Rs.699  (*The last day to register for the Windows Upgrade Offer is February 28th, 2013.)

For those using Windows 8 Pro at present, there’s also an offer to Get Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free, the offer is till 31st January 2013.

For more details about the Windows 8 Pro upgrade pricing from Feb. 2013 , please check the source.

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  1. Edward Gudz

    Wow, they are really proud of their product aren’t they? Luckily I bought mine @ $40. I feel bad for those that drop the $199 on Windows 8 because it REALLY is not worth the price.

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