Windows 8 to get Apps, Live Tiles, new UI and more!

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  1. The video gives a good indication of what Windows 8 will be like. I personally like it. Just one thing bothers me though.

    Apps seem to be the “IN” thing at he moment. But as with all things that are in “in fashion” they cost more money. What is the proposed pricing costs of these apps? Will this mean that you will have to buy your OS (whether pre-installed on a new PC etc. or as a retail version.

    You (might) also have to purchase new software to go onto it (which has been the norm upto now and is part and parcel of a new PC or OS. BUT these Apps? Are they going to be an extra cost? Is MS hoping to make more money buy selling these Apps? Will you have to buy from either MS or one of their “licenced” retailers? (just like Apple for example)

  2. Fine as a media PC but if that what the ‘desktop’ version of Win8 is going to be, I wont be buying it.

  3. Like it VERY MUCH. It´s great for the simplicity, very fluid, and the innovation from the other Windows system please me very well. I think Microsoft is in right line. I ope i can buy one.

  4. I think I’ll buy Apple and short Microsoft if this is what they expect to replace Win 7 on the desktop.

  5. I read your note on Windows 8 and personally I HATE the new UI.

    Its like Microsoft did with Office 2007 – changed the UI and it took till
    Office 2010 a chance to get it better and its still poor as far as I am
    concerned – I now use Office 2003 as the choice! And the reason is the UI

    On a desktop without touch – its something that I hate – having now to go
    through multiple actions to get something I can get at immediately on my

    Whilst I have a touchscreen mobile – I hate the touch screen – it simply
    takes longer to do things unless the basic OS and the user want it! And
    when using a laptop or desktop – its not what I want

    I can see Windows 8 being a game changer in that people and businesses will
    either go to Windows 7 or desert Microsoft!

  6. They can launch a lite edition cleaned ok crap aero so that older pc’s can also run it ..

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