Windows 8 users experience 55% lesser crashes than Windows 7 users

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  1. Hey Noobs, those who said windows 8 is fail..!!

    What gonna you say about it..??
    Stop being a ASS HAT and stop resisting change.
    Windows8 is really awesome Os Ms ever developed , so far not even single crash!!
    And best part is 😀 Win8 boots faster than modem 😛

  2. All I seem to get with Windows 8 at the moment is constant program crashes. iTunes has crashed 4 times in 20 mins so far. The built in Mail crashes, so does IE10, Chrome, Firefox. Cant use flash drives as W8 just crashes, and no its not just the one flash drive, Ive tried 6 so far. No proper Lexmark Printer driver yet so can do basic print but cant scan to pc wireless like I easily could in W7. Wireless internet is slower, getting an average of 40mbps now lucky if i reach 25mbps….So for me W8 is FAR from awsome. Oh and no response from Microsoft Support either.

  3. “lesser crashes” – really?  Do you not speak English or just fail grammar in school?  Should be “fewer crashes”.  Poor grammar (and spelling) reflect badly on your site.

  4. Update is the main key bro!!! Goto store and update the apps
    And i’m not a apple or iTunes guy
    but many software like Chrome have released there W8 compatible software!!
    do a research in filehippo.comWhere it comes to prints and drivers, right click the installer of that driver and select troubleshoot compatibly and run as xp mode or win7 mode!!M using a old ass printer flawlessly, even thou the driver was meant for xpWindows8 RT is indeed poppy, But windows8 Pro is flawless, well till now i mean!! Where it some to Internet speed, how a freshly installed OS cam  fluctuate it..?? unless some virus, which is not possible so quick!!

  5. “This report by Soluto, based on anonymous data collected from the Soluto community, says that Windows 8 crashes 55% less as compared to Windows 7. The report not only gives you a breakdown of how often users are experiencing a crash on their operating system but also lists don the number of times some of the popular applications are crashing. TuneUp Utilities too is showing lesser crashes.”

    First off, keep Soluto and Tuneup Utilities off your system and it won’t crash! I’ve been using Windows 7 since the RTM release and have YET to have it or any of the programs that I use in conjunction with it crash.

    Just a little bit more Microcrap BS to push users to Windows 8.

  6. @TuhinBagh:disqus , your the ASS HAT. How much did Microcrap pay you to post that comment?

    First off peoples problem with Windows 8 does not lye with the OS itself mainly, although it IS A BIG STEP DOWN from 7. Peoples problems lye within the OS that Microcrap has designed to be sort of a “big brother” type of OS.

    Once I pay for an OS, I am going to do with it what I wish and I WILL install whatever is designed for it whether it be legal or illegal as I dam well please and Microcrap IS NOT going to tell me any different. I am a big boy and will suffer the consequenses of my actions if the situation arises.

  7. crazzzi, not for nothing and far be it from me to help anyone out with 8, but is your install an upgrade? if so how old is the system you upgraded? did you meet at least the minimum system requirements for install? did you run the Windows 8 upgrade advisor before upgrading?

  8. Seems most of these forums / blogs with middle eastern writers are trying to push 8 like their lives depended on it. Stand your ground people.

  9. Lynn, rather than trying to show off your English, which I presume is your first language, I suggest you try to learn another language and see how well you can do in it. I have seen folks from the so-called English-speaking countries do worse – but then I suppose that’s fine if they do it – but not when an Asian make mistakes! Tsk tsk … is there a term for such kind of behavior? 🙂

  10. Ed: (a) To be on the record, this website is an Indian one. (b) I don’t care if anyone upgrades to Windows 8 or not. It is each persons decision. What this post does is report the findings of a study carried out by another company. Feel free to agree or disagree with their findings! 🙂

  11. I would rather happy if MS paid me!!

    You dumb ass, why don’t you get the desktop UI is just windows7+ 
    It is almost the same, 
    IF you are so allergic to metro!!
    Why you are using it.?? Stick with xp itself, like grannies!!

    I don’t find anything expect start menu so weird and annoying!!

  12. Yes its an upgrade from W7, installed on a Samsung laptop with an i3 core and 8gb memory, and yep ran the advisor before upgrading. My mate upgraded on his pc and so far his is fine even though my laptop is higher and faster spec.

  13. I have updated all on laptop when store app actually responds and stops crashing itself. I have the chrome designed for W8 and so far that’s the worst of the browsers.

  14. What the hell the matter with you, Ed? nobody push you to Windows 8. Are you childish or what? Just keep using Windows 7, OSX, Linux or whatever you want, Microsoft doesn’t care. Nobody will throw you into jail because of that.
    Why are so threatened with people upgrade to Windows 8? What is for you?

  15. The disconcerting fact that you seem to be overlooking about this report is the “Most Common Crashing Apps” portion.  Windows Explorer, for those who don’t know, is the backbone of the windows UI.  It is both window manager and chrome, while functioning as the application which allows you to browse your files.  

    Where you don’t even see that for Windows 7 (meaning less than 15.1% of crashes in Win 7 are from Explorer), it’s the number 1 culprit in Windows 8.  All four listed applications for 7 are third-party, MS isn’t to blame (entirely) for their faults.  A crash in explorer, however, can potentially cause faults in all open applications, a far more devastating effect.

  16. Im sorry but the only programs that crash my windows 7 PC is microsoft office products, I think some type of macro virus has corrupted it. I use Google drive all the time as my main storage space, it’s never crashed and works like a dream. i’ve almost stopped using microsoft office now and looking forward to the day that I can completely uninstall it from my machine.

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