Windows Analytics will make your PC more secure now

Recently we reported about Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities that were really terrifying as they took advantage of an architecture based flaw in different processors. These vulnerabilities were present in the chip no matter what architecture, generation, brand or platform based chip it was. It didn’t even matter what platform you were using as every smartphone and PC were vulnerable. Though OEMs pushed prompt updates to the devices to help in patching these flaws, Microsoft thinks a step further with Windows Analytics.

Windows Analytics

Windows Analytics

Microsoft is adding many features to the Windows Analytics service. And these services are offered to users for free of cost.

To help IT, professionals, everywhere, they have added new capabilities to our free Windows Analytics service1 to report the status of all the Windows devices that they manage.

These new capabilities include:

Anti-virus Status: Some anti-virus (AV) software may not be compatible with the required Windows Operating System updates. This status insight indicates if the devices’ anti-virus software is compatible with the latest Windows security update3. Windows Operating System Security Update Status: This Windows Analytics insight will indicate which Windows security update is running on any device and if any of these updates have been disabled. In some cases, IT Administrators may choose to install the security update, but disable the fix. Our complete list of Windows editions and security updates can be found in our Windows customer guidance article. Firmware Status – This insight provides details about the firmware installed on the device. Specifically, this insight reports if the installed firmware indicates that it includes the specific protections required. Initially, this status will be limited to the list of approved and available firmware security updates from Intel4. We will be adding other CPU (chipset) partners’ data as it becomes available to Microsoft.

Windows Analytics is currently being used by Millions of Businesses. If you are an enterprise customer, Microsoft would love you to join and try their Windows Analytics service here.

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