Windows chief Terry Myerson announces his retirement from the company

Terry Myerson, the chief of Windows and Devices at Microsoft has decided to part ways with the giant after 21 years at the firm. In a touching letter he released, Myerson discussed his years at the company and his reasoning for leaving. It is widely believed that the timing of Microsoft’s decision to move towards a future much more geared towards AI and cloud computing technologies was a big part of his decision.Microsoft chief Terry Myerson announces his retirement from the company

Terry Myerson leaves Microsoft

The current boss of Microsoft Satya Nadella is a huge supporter of cloud computing technologies and AI. He insists that it should be the future of the company and laid out his vision in his own release. It is believed that his push away from Microsoft’s core business and into more diverse areas has prompted many of the old guards such as Myerson to consider their futures.

Satya Nadella is now a superstar in the tech world and his results over the last 4 years speak for themselves. He has been prepared to make the brave decisions which had been sadly missing in the years before he took the helm in 2014. He has been quick to move the company away from the mainstays of the company such as Windows and more towards emerging technologies. This is a key area for them and they could once again strike out as industry leaders – much like they did with Windows. Iteration is key in the tech industry and this isn’t lost on Nadella.

Nadella‚Äôs decisions will not please everyone. There has been a major change in the way that the behemoth works and it remains to be seen as to whether Nadella’s gamble will pay off. It could create a surge for them or perhaps it is another waste much like the failed purchase of phone giant Nokia which cost the company dearly. That gamble was the stain on the reign of Nadella’s predecessor Steve Ballmer and Nadella will be hoping to avoid the same fate.

Read the email by CEO Satya Nadella here and the goodbye note by Terry here.

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