Windows devices are safer than Android, says Microsoft

If you have to buy a tablet to cater your educational needs, which one would you prefer; an Android tablet or a Windows tablet? Tablets are undoubtedly the best devices to stay connected to each other via internet. If you are looking for a best tablet for these holidays, the recent white paper released from Microsoft may help you taking the decision. Microsoft has released a whitepaper that concludes that Windows devices are safer than Android. They are also better in terms of tablets

Microsoft in its Education Blog compares the Windows and Android devices in every aspect. As per the white paper, Windows devices are much better to spend your money on as compared to the Android devices.

Favoring the Windows devices Microsoft says, “Windows devices offer better security, a more productive experience for users and an improved ability for IT to manage mobile devices within the boundaries of existing PC cost structure and technical infrastructure”

Microsoft has compared the major aspect Windows and Android devices such as security, ease of use, productivity and durability. The assessment clearly reveals that Windows devices are much easier to operate as compared to the Android devices; also they offer much productive experience in low cost. Windows devices are also much secure when compared to the Android devices.

“Windows devices offer the path of least resistance for adoption of tablets for any organization that is serious not only about achieving mobility benefits, but also securing valuable (and often confidential) business information and controlling the IT costs,” says Microsoft on its Education Blog.

Overall the Windows devices are proved to be a superior choice for both education and government departments.

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  1. I haven’t an Android but will tell my eldest son who has

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