Microsoft announces availability of Windows Embedded 8 Industry

Having just announced the release of Windows Embedded 8 platform, Microsoft is all geared up to launch another member from the Windows Embedded family, Windows Embedded 8 Industry, today.

Windows Embedded 8 Industry         

Windows Embedded 8 Industry

After the availability of Windows Embedded 8 Pro and Windows Embedded 8 Standard, Windows Embedded 8 Industry helps expand the range of possibilities to assist industries and targeted intelligent system scenarios.

“Windows Embedded 8 Industry provides a fixed-image OS that is especially suited to power industry devices, control panels, kiosks, and yes, POS terminals. It provides a single image with lockdown features and embedded enhancements that will make the next generation of industry devices smarter, better connected, more secure, and more user friendly.”

Windows Embedded 8 Industry fully supports app compatibility across devices, regardless of whether the app is being built from the scratch or whether it is simply ported to a new platform while re-imaging existing ones. This feature makes Windows Embedded 8 Industry easy to deploy and easy to manage.

Being based on Windows 8, Windows Embedded 8 Industry allows users to incorporate devices as full network citizens and leverage the power of Microsoft technologies from the point of interaction all the way to the cloud.

“With this release of Windows Embedded 8 Industry, we’ve sought to maximize the benefits for both OEMs and enterprise customers by offering three SKUs:

• Windows Embedded 8 Industry Pro. This is the ideal SKU to build ATMs and devices for the healthcare and manufacturing industries, creating a new class of industry-specific device with a sleek, powerful, modern OS.

• Windows Embedded 8 Industry Pro (Retail). This SKU provides specialized embedded functionality to get the most out of retail devices like POS terminals, kiosks, scanners and more.

• Windows Embedded 8 Industry Enterprise. Available through Volume Licensing in July, the Enterprise SKU provides embedded-specific features designed to integrate seamlessly with Windows 8 Enterprise.”

Considering the possibilities opened up by Windows 8, with all its features, functionality and ease of use, Windows Embedded 8 Industry can be counted as the right product at the right time to power the next generation of intelligent systems.

For more information, check its official webpage.

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