Windows increases market share; Linux loses third spot to iOS

Linux has lost the 3rd spot, which it held for many years, to iOS. On the other hand Windows has increased its market share to over 91% thanks to the sale of Windows 7.

In order to more accurately describe usage share for Apple devices, the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are now being grouped under their common operating system ‘iOS’.

Each of these devices can still be tracked separately using the Operating System Versions report.  When these devices are combined, they have over 1% of global browsing share, which is now higher than Linux.

This change was also made in order to more accurately compare platforms running on multiple devices, like Android vs. iOS vs. Linux.

Windows operating system now enjoys a combined market share of 91.3%, with Mac OS X at 5.0%, iOS at 1.1% and Linux at 0.8%, according to Net Market Share.

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