Windows market share continues to fall: Surface Pro and Surface Book to the rescue?

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  1. There are liars, damn liars, and statistics. You grab a snapshot of one quarter and claim the PC industry is shrinking. Yet, by these number Lenovo has grown market share from a year ago. The same is true for HP, Dell, and Apple. BTW, what does Apple have to do with Windows?
    Additionally, Android doesn’t have a PC presence, it has a mobile presence. So to claim people are leaving Windows for Android really doesn’t make sense. It is most likely the saturated market, hardware that is “good enough” for 5-10 years instead of 2 years, a stagnant economy, and lack of must have innovation are the real reasons the PC industry is no longer the golden child.
    As for Microsoft, they are already moving away from Windows themselves and branching out more to iOS and Android, even in their development tools. Given consumer Windows is not a primary for income these days, I’m not sure any of this matters anyway.

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