Windows Phone Inner Circle is coming to U.S

Windows Phone Inner Circle? Sounds like a top-level executive body from the Windows Phone Team? Wrong! Its a series of events that the Microsoft Windows Phone team has planned to host in major cities of United States in order to bring the end-users more close to the Windows Phone devices, thereby standing by their motto “Put people first“.

These one-day events, called the Windows Phone Inner Circle aka Windows Phone night parties will allow the attendees to get their hands on the latest and greatest Window Phone hardware coming this holiday. In addition to phone play time, there shall be loads of foodie gossip (i.e. food) and fine drinks to make sure you have a blast. Yes, its FREE. And by Windows Phone hardware, we specifically means HTC Titan (4G), HTC Radar, Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash.

Hmmmm… well I envy this while saying (since I cannot attend any) but yes, there will be quite a many interesting prizes lined up for event attendees (pssst: including Windows Phone giveaways).

These awaited-by-many Windows Phone night parties commence at the Gadget Live in LA on 28th September 2011 with New York City being the next stop. The complete schedule is given below:

Ofcourse. Prior registration is required. All those who wanna drench themselves in this spirit, i.e. (attend) the Windows Phone Inner Circle need to register here.

What Next?
Nothing much. Experience the sheer brilliance of the Windows Phone platform first-hand by being a part of the Windows Phone Inner Circle.

Put people first‘.

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  1. Lee@TWC

    I will be attending the Atlanta, GA Nov 14th if anyone reading this is going to attend and wants to hang out. 🙂

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