Windows Phone is close to death and that’s a problem

After Microsoft’s recent earning call, many pundits have declared Windows Phone a dead platform with no hope of ever rising from the ashes. In a lot of ways, we have to agree, especially with the moves the software giant has taken in recent months. Since the launch of the platform back in 2010, Windows Phone has failed to kick into high gear, and the whole debacle is the fault of Microsoft.


The operating system gave the impression that it was holding your hands the entire way, and because of that, it became less fun to use. Windows Phone only began to feel modern after the release of Windows 10 Mobile, 5-years after Windows Phone 7.

But even with the modern feel of Windows 10 Mobile, the operating system turned out to be a bug infested mess up to this day.

We must admit; it wasn’t all bad because when Nokia got involved, there was a shimmer of hope. The company released exceptional smartphones, but the operating system was always the low point. Hardware with great design was not enough, and Microsoft failed to realize this until it was too late.

Nokia went belly-up, and Microsoft bought the company’s hardware division to continue pushing the platform. However, that is when Windows Phone actually began to slide.

When Nokia was pouring out great handsets, Windows Phone was gaining market share around the world. Not enough to challenge Android and iOS, but things were happening. It proves that if the operating system had some chops, the platform could have transformed into a huge contender.

As soon as Nokia went out the door, Microsoft manages to lose all that it had gained. Even the ants under our shoes seem to have more significance than Windows Phone at this point in time.

Not to mention, Microsoft is focusing more on creating apps for Android and iOS. Would you believe that Microsoft has more unique apps available for Android when compared to its own platform? If that is not proof enough that Microsoft is slowly abandoning the platform, then we must be living under a rock.

Still, we can’t rule out the possible rise of the platform once more should Microsoft turn the incorporate mobile into the Surface brand

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  1. Ademola Oladipo

    I said it that Nokia going all in with Windows Phone was a very bad idea. Sad, Nokia is missed.

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