Windows Phone favored by 88% of the ‘Meet Your Match’ challenge participants

Microsoft’s new promotional campaign related to Windows Phone, Meet Your Match, is going ‘AWESOME’ according to its chief architect, Ben Rudolph aka Ben The PC Guy who states that more than 75,000 Meet Your Match challenges and demos have been conducted across US, UK, France and Germany.

Meet Your Match

With the campaign having launched just recently, this is a huge number for the team. Another interesting fact that has emerged is that around 88% of the people who took the post-challenge survey thought that Windows Phone is a better match for them than their current mobile device. This implies that around 66,000 of the total challenges conducted were successful in convincing the user that a Windows Phone device is the best choice when compared to an Android or an iPhone.

Meet Your Match is an informal head-to-head customer challenge where the evangelist puts up a demo of some of the popular features of Windows Phone and sometimes, subsequently compares them to existing popular favorites like an Android or iPhone device. It’s a new, mellowed and less-aggressive take on the earlier ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ campaign.

The Meet Your Match videos have been viewed more than 600,000 times and may well soon hit the 1 million mark.

Check out the videos here or for a more personal demo, head over to an happening Meet Your Match challenge in the above mentioned countries.

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