Former Windows President Steven Sinofsky launches his new blog

Steven Sinofsky, the former president of Microsoft’s Windows division, is yet again in the news. Very recently he had made an announcement via his Twitter account that he will be launching his new personal blog and today he finally launched it.


His new blog is named Learning by Shipping. Steven referred to the blog as an experiment and a platform to share his knowledge with the readers. Along with the blog launch, he also came up with the first post, titled Welcome to “Learning by Shipping”

In his first blog post he stated that this blog should be considered as a continuation of he kinds of blog posts he wrote while he worked at Microsoft, including the very long posts at Building Windows 8 blog, through which he and his team mates at Microsoft used to announce new features of the OS.

Wondering where did the title of the blog came from? Here’s in the answer. Sinofsky states,

The title comes from something impressed upon me early in my career, which is that learning as an engineer comes from the process of starting, then finishing, and iterating on products–getting products to market and putting the broad feedback loop to work.  The teams and processes used to create products are critically important and fun to talk about relative to shipping and learning as we search for the best approaches to use at a given time.

He further said that in this new blog he is hopeful that it can act as a rich dialog about the “how” and “why” of building products in our industry and that serves as springboard for posts. Here’s an excerpt of the first post on the blog,

This blog is a continuation of writing on these topics through several different blogs, some internet and some intranet.  For me, blogging started in the summer of 2005 with Techtalk, a blog focused on the college hiring process at Microsoft.  When I changed jobs and moved to Windows, there were many questions inside Microsoft about how we would do things (in what was often referred to as a post-Vista recovery), but not just with Windows but with Windows Services (called Windows Live back then), Internet Explorer, and even Search (not yet Bing) which was part of our team for a while.  The size of the team and the pace we needed to change required a different approach to communication.  The Office Hours intranet blog was started in an effort modernize the communication channels.

Our best wishes to you, sir!

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