Windows takes long time to Shutdown when connected USB Type-C Charger

If your computer is taking a long time to power down, especially when connected to USB Type-C Charger i.e.USB Type-C device, dock, or charger is plugged in or unplugged during the power transition, then it is a known issue.

UCSI based USB Type-C systems may see a shutdown delay if connect changes race with power transition

The issue occurs when UCSI software is busy handling a new connect or disconnect event on a USB Type-C port, i.e., When you take out the plug and reconnect again. For most, it would seem it’s happening on the charge. We don’t really take into consideration the plug-in and out scenario.

USCI is a short form for USB Type-C Connector System Software Interface which handles power stages for supported devices.

According to Microsoft, If you are running Windows 10 v1908, the issue can cause a 60-second delay in the system sleep or shutdown process. It occurs if the power-down happens while the UCSI software is busy handling a new connect or disconnect event on a USB Type-C port.

Apart from the extra one minute delay in the sleep or shutdown, the bug doesn’t affect normal functionality. When you should down or restart the computer while it remains connected, the system and the USB Type-C ports should continue to function properly after the next wake or restart of the system.

While Microsoft has ironed out the bug in Windows 10 v1903, the issue remains in Windows 10 version 1809 (17763). So the only option is to upgrade to Windows 10 v1903 or live with it.

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