Windows Terminal is now available on the Microsoft Store

Windows Terminal, the modern avatar of the Command Prompt, is now available in the Microsoft Store. While Command Prompt, Power Shell, and other terminals are going to stay, but with Windows Terminal, Microsoft has put up a command line interface which can be used for all of these. It is an open source project, and we welcome community participation. It also supports tabs, rich text, globalization, configurability, theming & styling, and more.

Windows Terminal is available on Microsoft Store

Windows Terminal is available on Microsoft Store

While it can be downloaded and installed from Github, that would need a bit of work. The good news is that Windows Terminal is now available in the Microsoft Store, and downloading is as easy as installing any other app. Using it, you can access various environments like PowerShell, CMD, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Even though available in store, it is still in is early preview. There is no support for assistive technology. However, much of the internal work to support this is complete, and it’s on top priority to support assistive technology very soon.

Features of Windows Terminal:

  • Multiple tabs
  • Unicode
  • UTF-8 character support
  • GPU accelerated text rendering engine
  • Custom themes, styles, and configurations.
  • Create multiple profiles for each shell/app/tool.
  • Supports Powershell, Command Prompt, Ubuntu, and even Azure of IoT devices.
  • It maintains backward compatibility.

Earlier to release of Windows Terminal, Microsoft console team had been enhancing Windows Console host. It acts as an interface between the lower level API and the modern interface. In simple words, it is there to maintain only the backward compatibility and was limited. Thats the primary reason Windows console team developed Windows Terminal to enhance, add features that can sustain in the modern environment.

Download Windows Terminal from Microsoft Store. The minimum requirement for Windows Terminal is Windows 10 version v1903.

Let us know your experience of Windows Terminal.

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