Windows Update quality gets better with every release, says Microsoft

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  1. Pretty sure (@ the author) Windows Phone will not be the most preferred OS in the world, ever…

    As far as lowered incident reporting over time: Of course, people get fed up with Windows 10 and stop complaining. They find complaining does nothing to fix problems with Windows 10.

    Eg. A user of Windows 10 on a popular Lenovo laptop goes to update their bluetooth mouse driver and suddenly loses the ability to actually USE any brand or model of bluetooth mouse. Newer proprietary wireless (not bluetooth) mice install and work, but the bluetooth mice install and then just do nothing… (To be honest and accurate, during the detection phase there is a second or two where the bluetooth mouse actually works, then Microsoft disables it with their “universal” bluetooth driver)

    This behavior was after the 1607 update.

    That was a long time ago.

    There are forums all over the internet with users complaining, and yet over a year ago many of us lost the ability to use any type of bluetooth mouse.

    You know what Microsoft said: Buy a new mouse.

    Sadly, there are new bluetooth mice that still won’t work, and may never again.

    Microsoft would rather we bought only a Microsoft mouse or one with a proprietary radio and USB dongle… Anything but actually fixing their breaking of mouse use over bluetooth.

    I, for one, complained about them turning several hundred dollars worth of mice into useless garbage… And over a year later they try to convince us that there are less and less complaints… (Seems one of the USA political parties likes to lie about things and hope you never check facts… Check the facts)

    Okay, so the mice still work in Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Android, and most Linuxes if not all ..

    I almost exclusively use Android/Linux now because Microsoft chose to force me to replace perfectly good hardware by breaking bluetooth for mouse use.

    It’s amazing how software made for Windows will actually run as good as or betterbluethn run in the Linux operating system under an application known as WINE. It’s more every day.

    Thanks to Microsoft I play on PS4 (anything but xbox or other Microsoft hardware) so I know my wireless controllers won’t stop working when they decide to push people into hardware “upgrades” that aren’t actually upgrades…

    Most work software I need runs as apps in Android on various devices.

    You know what? I haven’t complained to Microsoft in over a year, and they would take that to mean there are less problems with their OS because there are less complaints .. not a very accurate way of polling for satisfaction.

    Microsoft is that same shade of blue that reported Hillary was way ahead of Trump, and their money goes that way too, for the most part.

    That’s public knowledge, verifiably, only to demonstrate they swing that way.

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