Windows Vista Ultimate users feeling cheated!

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  1. For me the problem is that I do not wish to update to Ultimate (from Ultimate); I would like to update to Home Premium as it is the best option for me in terms of price/quality. Like many other users of Vista Ultimate, I feel cheated because the Extras proved not worth the price. And now I cannot update to any other version of 7 except Ultimate (which is a rip-off and holds too many useless features) without erasing the programs and settings. I will have to do a clean install.
    Boo, Microsoft!

  2. What about foreign customers? As usual. it looks like an American company is going to rip us all off. Where are the deals with Europeans?

    We are used to the likes of Adobe thinking that it can charge us £100 in the UK for something costs $100 in the USA. (That has never been the exchange rate.) And all those special offers and downloads are restricted to the USA.

    Is it any wonder that the rest of the world sees Americans as greedy shysters?

  3. i tried thre rc 1 and loved it but i bought a vista ultimate dvd and if i dont get a free upgrade like the one offered to new pc buyers this summer i will happily switch to linux mepis { just as good if not better } and never buy a microsoft product again.. not even a mouse

  4. bogdan if you read the EULA its says the ult users can upgrade to any version of 7 or downgrade to win7 HP. so you are not screwed altho you are screwed when it comes to the extras bc they will not transfer to ult or HP.

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