Windows VR Headsets from Acer, Dell and HP show up at CES 2017

Virtual Reality is the future of competing according to some, and that is why Microsoft has decided to take an interest in it. The company announced not too long ago that several of its partners are creating VR headsets for Windows 10, and it didn’t take long for images to flood the Internet.

There aren’t many affordable VR headsets on the market, but Acer, Dell, and HP are out to change that. Each company is working on their own device, and from what we can tell, they look wonderful, but cheap due to the plastic casing.

Windows VR Headsets

Not much could be garnered from the images, and that’s because the headsets were locked away in a glass cage. We can say, however, that in terms of design, the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and the PSVR are all the best in the department right now.

Dell’s Headset Design

When we look at what Dell has to offer, it’s clear that the company took some aspects of the PSVR design and added them to its own product. That’s not a problem from our point of view. The question right now is whether or not it works as well as the Sony headset.

Acer’s Headset Design

Acer decided to go for a red and black color choice here, and with the plastic design, this virtual reality headset comes off as very cheap. However, it shouldn’t be much of an issue when we consider Microsoft hopes its partners will aim for those who are unable to spend big to get into the world of virtual reality.

HP’s Headset Design

The company chose to go all black with its VR headset, and that’s great. From what we can tell from the images, this HP product will likely cost more than $300, but still affordable enough for those still sitting on the fence.

Overall, Microsoft’s plan of having several VR headsets on the market that supports Windows 10 is coming along nicely. The big question right now is whether or not these headsets will support Project Scorpio when the console hits store shelves late this year.

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