With each new release, Windows 10 gets much better

Windows 10 is the best operating system Microsoft has released since Windows 7, and this despite the many privacy issues a lot of users complained about. The operating system brought to the table several new features along with security improvements, making it the most secure Windows OS ever. Windows 10 seems to be getting better with the introduction of new enhanced security & productivity features

Windows 10 Update Gets Better

Now, since its release, the software giant has released quite a few big updates that were designed to improve usability among other things. In the 1507 update, Windows Defender anti-virus was added as the default protector, which means, users had little reasons to download and install third-party anti-virus software.

Going this route was a wonderful move by Microsoft because a lot of third-party anti-virus services tend to eat up a lot of resources that could have been otherwise used elsewhere. Such a problem does not affect Windows Defender, and although the software launched at well below par when compared to competitors, it’s much better today.

You can see the large image here.

We should point out that this is the first update to introduced us to Microsoft Edge and Cortana.

Fast forward into the future and we’re at a time when Microsoft has just released the 1703 update. This particular update is significant because it brings to the table the new Paint 3D app along with some other cool additions such as Windows Defender Security Center, and Cortana at Work.

Moving on into the future and we get to see how the updates begin to get even more impressive. Microsoft has placed a lot of work into improving Windows 10, which means, the operating system since launch has gotten better with each new release.

From our point of view, this is a fact, and it has been proven time and time again.

The latest release, 1803, gave users the likes of Nearby Sharing, Dictation, Timeline, Cloud Credential Guard, Advanced Hunting, and much more. Much of what was released in this version is linked with improving the security of the operating system than anything else.

For those who have yet to upgrade their computer from Windows 7 or Windows 8, then we’d like to say it’s time to make the jump. Windows 10, as stated before, is the best Windows yet, and it shows.

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