WOT Beta version released with new features, including Categorization Interface

Web of Trust (WOT) beta version is finally available for all to download. The new WOT brings some new features like Categorization Interface and a few upgrades improving current user experience. The beta version of WOT provides improved transparency and information quality.WOT

WOT (Web of Trust) is one of the most common way used to find reliable websites based on millions of users’ experiences. Available as both Chrome extension and Firefox add-on this tool shows which websites you can trust for safe shopping, surfing, and searching on the web. The tool indicates the vulnerability of websites using intuitive traffic lights.

The beta version of WOT comes with many improvements including the new categorization interface providing a clear explanations of the users’ reviews and ratings of any website. The new feature of categorization interface allows a user to add details while leaving a review of submitting the rating for a website. While submitting the rating of any website the user has to select one or more categories to add an evidence for their review.

These categories selected by a user are then visible to others looking for the trustworthy websites using WOT. This categorization helps users to decide whether a website is safe to visit or not.

Another major improvement made in the WOT beta version is simplification of the reputation components. Users can now rate a website simply by leaving comments like ‘trustworthiness’ and ‘child safety’. The scoreboard and rating window is also redesigned completely providing a more pleasant experience to the users.

WOT’s ratings are based on the review of millions of users worldwide who rate the website according to their own experience.

You can download the WOT beta version here, and check for the complete installation instructions. The beta version currently supports only Google Chrome – but support for other browsers will be added soon. If you want to experience the newly improved WOT, make sure you have Google Chrome or any Chromium based browser on your computer system as no other web browsers are supported for now.

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