WOT changes rating system; launches updated extension for Chrome

Web Of Trust or simply to put it as WOT is a popular and effective tool to protect oneself from real dangers on the internet. It is a website rating system that rates websites based on the reviews it receives and ratings of its user base. While the method proves beneficial in some cases, it harms certain legit websites too.


Realizing this, the company redesigned its rating scheme, a couple of days ago. In comparison to the earlier rating scheme, the new rating scheme requires only two scores instead of four. Two ratings that have been retained include,

  • Trustworthiness
  • Child safety ratings

Moreover, a second step has been added to the rating process. Users are requested to choose at least one category that validates the rating given by them to a particular site. These are sorted into

  1. Positive/neutral
  2. Questionable
  3.  Negative groups

Multiple factors such as up/down votes, comment’s length, time when it was posted now impact the priority and order of the comments.

The new WOT add-on is now available for Chrome and Safari users. The versions are available for download on homepage, from Chrome Web Store and from Safari’s Extension Gallery.

Comments play an important role when a user is trying to make an informed decision about whether to enter a site or not. To ensure users are able to find the most relevant comments when reading user reviews, we decided to improve the way comments are presented, explains the description on the blog.

Unfortunately, the main criticism against WOT, has been that it gives too much importance to user comments. Users who may not like the websites view-point or even competing websites can easily create accounts and slam the website with a negative rating. We only hope that the ratings become more fair with this change.

Meanwhile, if you would like to rate The Windows Club on WOT, you may do it here.

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