Xbox slashes prices of popular Windows Phone games to 99 cents

To celebrate the New Year, Xbox has cut the prices of several popular Windows Phone games to just 99 cents. Get these games, enjoy big discounts and start playing to bump your gamerscore and gain new achievements during the Countdown to 2013.

Here is the list of games which are available for 99 cents, providing a discount of 67% .

Contre Jour (Publisher: Electronic Arts)


Blurring the lines between games and interactive art, Contre Jour welcomes you to a hauntingly beautiful world shaped by the interplay of light and darkness.

Doodle Jump (Publisher: GameHouse Live)


Leap from platform to platform, finding your way higher and higher using brilliant power-ups like springs, propeller hats, and jet packs.

Mush (Publisher: Publisher: Microsoft Studios™)


Discover the emotions in this award-winning exclusive, a quirky puzzle adventure that lets you change how your character feels.

geoDefense Swarm (Publisher: Microsoft Studios)


With dizzying vectorized visuals, vexing challenges and highly kinetic gameplay, the thinking man’s tower defense game returns.

 iStunt 2 (Publisher:Miniclip)


Hit the slopes for some serious shredding and perform impossible stunts, dodge deadly saws and do incredible jumps in a world where gravity laws have been broken.

Kinectimals (Publisher: Microsoft Studios™)


Use your phone to visit the island of Lemuria and play with, care for and fall in love with your very own cub. Bring your pet with you wherever you go!

The promotion runs till end of December 2012.

You can buy the games via your Windows Phone marketplace or visit the Windows Phone blog for more details.

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