You will soon be able to pay your bills directly from Outlook

Talking about Microsoft Pay system again, Microsoft recently announced that it would be integrating its payment service with Outlook. This will be helpful for those who use their email account to keep track of all the important payment bills and invoices. With this Microsoft hopes that it will help developers in engaging with the users in a better way.

So, this new payment system integration will allow users to make payments by just hitting the button that says “Pay“, he will get a confirmation on what credit cards is being used and a final PIN to authenticate the payment. Just that and payment will be made without actually leaving Outlook.

Payments in Outlook will enable users to pay bills and invoices directly

Payments in Outlook will enable users to pay bills and invoices directly

Initial payment partners who support this feature are Stripe and Braintree while billing service Zuora and for invoicing, services like FreshBooks, Intuit, Invoice2Go, Sage, Wave a Xero will be taking advantage of the feature as announced by Microsoft. This feature will start rolling out to some users in the next few weeks or months.

Along with this, Microsoft announced support for Adaptive Cards. These Adaptive Cards extend Actionable Messages to make engaging customers wherever they work easier and more streamlined. This is the base on which this new payment feature works. All the developer needs to do is embed a JSON Script inside the code of the email. When this script is read by Outlook, the email automatically gains the ability of Adaptive Cards, and the feature becomes live for the eligible user.

Microsoft says that these new capabilities allow the developers to engage with their users more deeply, right within the context of an email. This thereby reduces the friction between intent and action. This feature would be more helpful in the corporate sector where this would directly help in boosting the productivity to an employee.

You can read more about this announcement here.

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