Apple CEO compares Windows 8 to a combination of a toaster and a refrigerator

Apple is raking in huge profits and re-writing the record books, but it definitely isn’t treading on the friendly path after a recent dig at Microsoft by its CEO, Tim Cook. During the occasion of revealing Apple’s quarterly revenue, Tim took to a question-and-answer session to compare Microsoft’s Metro UI to combining a toaster and refrigerator.

Upon being asked if Apple had any plans to merge its tablet and laptop efforts, as with Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8, Tim Cook replied “You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those aren’t going to be pleasing to the user.”

This was a direct dig at Microsoft and its efforts to Metro-fy everything, right from Windows 8 to Windows Phone to Windows Server. Elaborating further, Tim claimed that any convergence between tablets and laptops would result in a dilution of both, explaining that they might not tread that path but others may, from a defensive point of view.

However, what Tim Cook had forgotten was that Apple had almost adopted the same strategy under Steve Jobs when the iPhone was introduced, assuring Apple users that the new iOS is almost similar to the OS X used on desktops and laptops, thus almost combining a refrigerator and a toaster.

Apple is poised to fight ahead with its new line of MacBook Air, the New iPad and the upcoming iPhone 5 while Microsoft has placed huge bets on everything involving Windows 8 and Windows Phone. We take this as a good sign as a healthy competition results in great innovations and better products for the consumers.

However, with the recent jibe at Microsoft, the folks at Redmond aren’t exactly smiling.

On a different note, maybe Tim Cook uses his refrigerator and toaster a lot!

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