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Update iCloud for Windows to Protect Against Ransomware (Bonjour)

Update iCloud for Windows to Protect Against Ransomware (Bonjour)

We just talked about Windows 10 Upgrade assistant vulnerability, and now we are reporting another one – iCloud Bonjour updater exploit. Reported by  Threatpost, the vulnerability in Bonjour updater for Apple software on Windows can be used to install Ransomeware […]

Apple iPad Pro

New Apple iPad Pro could cause problems for Windows 10

Microsoft is probably in a tight spot today due to the announcement of the Apple iPad Pro with a 9.7-inch display. This is clearly a push by Apple to make the pro version of its iPad line more pleasing to […]

Microsoft & others support Apple’s stance against FBI backdoors

Apple’s battle with the FBI over the encryption of criminal’s iPhone is getting famous across the globe. Surprisingly, the entire Silicon Valley and most of the tech giants are supporting Apple’s decision to decline FBI’s request to encrypt the iPhone. […]

Apple faces $862.4 mn payout for using BITS graduates’ technology

In the latest case patent dispute over technology, the Cupertino giant – Apple has been found guilty of the infringement of the rules of the patented technology owned by the University of Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). The developers of […]

Apple will not mimic the Microsoft Surface Book any time soon

A week ago Microsoft announced and showed the world the Surface Book, the company’s first laptop that can transform into a tablet. With the amount of attention, the device is getting, one might expect Apple to follow in the same […]

Is the Apple TV an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Killer?

We’ve seen the Apple TV in all its glory though we are not certain what it is when it comes down to the video game aspect of the thing. Is it good enough to end the Xbox One and PlayStation […]

Microsoft demoed Office for iPad Pro. The end of the Surface Pro?

Microsoft has done something incredible, and that is showing up on Apple’s conference stage to announce Microsoft Office for the iPad Pro. It is the first time an employee from the company has shown up at an Apple event in […]

Why Microsoft supported iPad Pro with Office

Just recently Microsoft hopped on the Apple event stage to show off its Office apps for the iPad Pro, but this didn’t sit well with some fans of the company. The big question is, could this move become an issue […]


Apple releases Boot Camp 6.1 to support Windows 10

A wide range of Macbook can now get the 64 bit version of Windows 10, states a support document posted by Apple today. Apple is rolling out the updated version of Boot Camp 6.1 only for the Yosemite users. Which […]

Mac security

Mac Security flaws found by a former NSA employee

Avira, the antivirus software company, recently reported that serious Mac security flaws were found out by a former NSA employee, Patric Wardle. As per this report, Patric brings to notice that Apple’s Gatekeeper code-verifying the technology for OS X can […]

Skype use extended to Apple Watch via Apple Watch Skype support

The launch of the Apple Watch witnessed almost 1 million pre-orders in three days time and to boost the sales further, the list of iOS apps with Apple Watch support continues to grow. Apple’s smartwatch is geared up for something […]

Now you can access Microsoft OneNote on Apple Watch

A new app update to Microsoft OneNote app for iPhone and iPad brings support for OneNote on Apple Watch. OneNote is a popular note taking application by Microsoft generally bundled with the Office suite. In accordance with Microsoft CEO’s Mobile […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook to donate his wealth to Charity

Tim Cook who is now almost a billionaire, answering to a question from Fortune said that he is going to pay for his nephew’s college education and donate the remaining wealth to philanthropic projects. Tim Cook follows the path of Warren […]


Microsoft Cortana may come to Android and Apple devices

This may be a great news for the Android and Apple device users. Microsoft Cortana, after serving as the “personal assistant” to Windows Phones, may be coming to the Android and Apple devices. Microsoft revealed that they are working on […]

Microsoft Health App for iPhone gets updated

Microsoft recently updated its Health App for iOS devices. This 25.3M sized app is updated to its next version v1.3.10218 and delivers a number of promising features. This new update supports all the devices running iOS 7.1+ and comes along […]

Apple aims to pull away Microsoft Office customers with free iWork

There are plenty of alternatives for Microsoft Office such as Polaris Office, Google’s own Quick Office, Google Docs, and ThinkFree office. All of these alternatives are cloud based except for Polaris. Both Quick Office and Google Docs integrate into Google […]

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WireLurker malware infects over 350K Mac and iPhone devices

A new malware called WireLurker is reported to be targeting Apple products in large numbers. Researchers discovered the new variant infecting  iOS devices via OS X carried from untrusted third-party app stores. The malware exhibits the ability to ‘jump’ to […]

Apple celebrates 30 years of Mac innovations

Apple Mac turned 30 years old yesterday on January 24, 2014. The Cupertino-based company yesterday hosted a short video on YouTube to celebrate 30 years of Mac innovations. The official home page of the company also shows the 30th birthday […]

Microsoft’s Frank Shaw berates Apple for comparing Office to iWork

Two days ago at their iPad event, Cupertino giant released improved versions of its tablets, computer, and laptop. Besides the hardware releases, it also released its new desktop operating system OS X Mavericks 10.9, and made their productivity suite “iWork” […]