Uninstall Apple’s QuickTime for Windows immediately, says US Government

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  1. Wonder how this will affect free versions of apps such as Lightworks and I believe HitFilm Express, which have made QuickTime on Windows mandatory for using their products re renders.

  2. i have something from apple wich it is
    cause some have apple and Itunes i have Itunes thats it

  3. I really don’t know anyone including myself that even uses Quicktime for Windows anymore. Although in it’s heyday the .mov format was much superior to .mpeg and .avi , but since the outbreak of .mp3 and .mp4 which supplies just as good quality with a smaller file size I really haven’t even thought about installing Quicktime on my system in years. I would assume Quicktime can play those formats but really there are much better players for Windows. I guess if your a Mac user your kind of stuck with it, but still, .mov and Quicktime is a thing of the past, if it wasn’t for iTunes, Quicktime would have died a long time ago.

  4. dont know if it will help, try “klite codec packs”, i stopped using quicktime years ago, but the pack let me still view .mov files and even encode to other formats using programmes like handbrake . worth a try. report here so others know if it works for you.

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