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Apple states its position on the PRISM program

In a recent post on Apple’s official website, the company has stated that the media reports which stated that the US government had unrestricted access to its data are false. According to the announcement, Apple Corporation clearly stated that it did […]

Apple employees internally call iOS 7 new UI, “Modern UI” !

Microsoft named Windows 8’s interface as ‘Modern UI‘ . Until then, it was referred as ‘Metro’ by Microsoft. Whatever, you may name the interface as, the point is the flat and boxy-tiled interface is being liked by many today. So […]

Apple prefers Bing to power Siri’s web search in iOS 7

Siri in iOS 7 gets a new look, a new sound, new capabilities and don’t be surprised  – Bing will power Siri’s new integrated web search. Yes Bing replaces Google! This was announced at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. As […]

Google acquires Waze fort $1.1 Billion : Beats Facebook and Apple

After too many rumors and speculations, Google has finally acquired Waze; the community-based traffic and navigation app. Google today confirmed the deal via its official blogspost, although, there is no word about the terms of the deal in the post. […]

Apple tops, Microsoft 7th in Brandz 100 Most Powerful Brands List

The eighth annual BrandZ list of the world’s most valued brands sees Apple topping the list of world’s most valuable global brands. The list puts Microsoft – the software giant in seventh place, down two places from last year. Most […]

Facebook hackers attack Apple Inc employee’s computers

The same group of hackers who recently hacked Facebook, appear to have attacked computers belonging to Apple Inc. No data was however stolen, says Apple. Facebook Security team had revealed that hackers from China had carried out a sophisticated attack […]

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Surface RT is more cool than Apple, according to teenagers

It looks like Apple has lost its shine among the teenagers. Since last year many reports claimed that Apple devices  are used more by parents than kids. It still continuous this year and here comes a more interesting survey. Buzz Marketing […]

Firefox, and now Apple decides to block Java

After discovering a potential security vulnerability in the current version of Java (Java 7 update 10) Mozilla added it to the add-on block list. Now, Apple seems to be following suit. The company on Thursday quietly disabled Java 7 on […]

Apple Store in Paris robbed of $1.6 million on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve celebrations dampened out for Apple as armed robbers looted an Apple Store and stole items worth more than US $1.6 million! As Daily Mail reports, this incident happened in Paris and took place after sunset. It looked […]

Apple products are still banned in Bill Gates house!

Using an Apple device is still banned in the Gates household, it seems. Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and among the worlds wealthiest men doesn’t allow members from his family to use Apple products. Though this was stated back in 2010 […]

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Apple Inc Loses Another Lawsuit, Fined 1 Million Yuan

Apple Inc lost another copyright lawsuit in Xinhua, China. Apple Inc has been fined for 1 million Yuan ($160,400) by a Chinese court for hosting third party applications on its Apps Store. As reported by the Chinese news agency Xinhua on Friday, […]

Apple Launching Thinner And Lighter iPad in March 2013?

If the rumors stemming from Japanese tech blog Macotakara are to be believed, Apple is ready to bring a new lighter and thinner iPad in the market after its fourth generation iPad recently released. This new iPad will hit the […]

App Scam: The Halo 4 in the iOS Store is not from Microsoft

Halo 4, the fourth installment in the Halo series remains officially available only on Xbox 360 but the same app appears to have just hit the iOS App Store. Naturally, the 2 apps advertised with screenshots featuring actual Halo 4 […]

iTunes Movie Sales Now Expanded To 42 Countries

Access to movies on iTunes Store is now extended to 42 more countries. iTunes movies will now therefore be accessible to consumers in more nations in Africa, Europe and many other regions. User from many different countries can now buy or […]

Google and Apple Pair Up To Buy Kodak Patents

Two rival companies competing for the supremacy in Smartphone market have teamed up to get some of imaging patents from Kodak. Apple Inc. and Google are reportedly offering more than $500 million for the Kodak patents as fallout for Kodak […]

Apple Computers Will Now Be Made In U.S.

Californian Company Apple Inc. will bring a line of Mac computers in U.S next year, says CEO Tim Cook. Tim Cook, the CEO gave this statement in one of his interviews recently with NBC’s Rock Center. Cook gave a similar […]

Apple, Samsung To Fight It Out Again In An Epic $1 Billion Courtroom Case

The epic patent fight between Apple and Samsung Electronics resumed on Thursday December 6, 2012. The top Smartphone sovereigns are again in a federal courtroom to fight for the rights to vital smartphone-related technology. Samsung and Apple are still seeking judgments to […]

Apple Maps Manager Richard Williamson Fired

In an attempt to restore faith among its disappointed users, Senior Vice President of Apple Internet software and services, Eddy Cue has reportedly fired the Manager of Apple Maps, Richard Williamson. Apple with the launch of its latest mobile OS […]

Why Microsoft could financially be a safer bet than Apple today

Apple has always been a brand to reckon with, with its unique consumer devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod and this has further helped surge its market value. With a market value of US $485 billion, the highest for any company […]

Indian IT Major Wipro Beats HP, Apple in Greenpeace’s Gadget Guide

The greenest gadgets in the world comes from an Indian company! Wipro, an Indian IT major has topped the 18th edition of the Greenpeace’s ranking of green electronics companies in its maiden appearance. The company has surpassed many leading brands […]