Lenovo takes a lead against Apple in PC market with 15% share in Q2 2015

In a study carried out by Canalys, an independent analyst company, Lenovo, the Chinese multinational PC maker, has overtaken Apple in the PC market(desktops, notebooks and tablets) with a total share of 15% in quarter 2 of 2015.

Since Q3 2013, Apple dominated the PC market and was leading the race. However, this year, Lenovo has increased its PC sales shipping under 16 million PC units in the market and dethroning Apple from the numero one position. If you compare the number of units sold by both the giant companies, then Lenovo has sold 240,000 units more than Apple.

PC marketPC market continues its downtrend

While its not a good news for PC makers at all, the overall worldwide market has shrunk by 12% annually, selling 109.2 million units only with a double-digit percentage decrease. The downtrend has particularly affected the market of desktop, notebook and tablet to a huge extend. Apple, HP, Dell and Lenovo has seen only a marginal increase in their market shares.

After Lenovo, Apple, HP and Dell, Samsung completes the top 5 position. But, the company experienced a decrease in the market share because of weak tablet sales.

Lenovo and Apple are generating good business from their home countries, China and the US. However, Apple need to worry here because it is heavily reliant on worldwide iPad sales, which totaled just 10.9 million units this quarter, representing 70 percent of Apple’s total PC shipments in Q2.

Here is what Canalys Senior Analyst, Tim Coulling, has to say-

“With a more diverse product portfolio, Lenovo is in a stronger position than Apple to cement its lead in the market. But it is not without its own challenges, and has recently had to take steps to clear a significant build-up of PC inventory in EMEA.”

In future more positive news can be seen coming from Lenovo side as the company is building its market share steadily in US after capturing almost 30 percent of the Chinese PC market.

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