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Lenovo and Razer join hands to build a range of Gaming Devices

Razer is a brand that needs no introduction especially for the gaming folks this is the brand that has always listened to them and come out with some of the best gaming accessories. Now Lenovo has partnered with Razer to […]

Lenovo again found risking users to massive security breach

Lenovo it is again and this time hitting users in the form of Lenovo System update (previously known as ThinkVantage System Update). Reported by security consultancy IOActive, a Lenovo PC owner is exposed to malware attacks from remote hackers, while […]

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Lenovo to ship a clean (Superfish-free) recovery media for free

Lenovo has made an announcement that it would be shipping the ‘clean’, (Superfish-free) recovery media for free. This recovery media will make sure that the rather dangerous adware, Superfish, will be eradicated and won’t reappear when users reinstall Windows from […]


Lenovo gets notice from Attorney General George Jepsen over adware Superfish

Chinese multinational, Lenovo is in troubled waters for sure over Superfish adware controversy. We broke the story of Lenovo machines being sold with pre-installed Superfish Adware for the period of September 2014 to January 2015. The company later clarified that […]

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Lenovo promises crapware-free Windows PCs

After the SuperFish mess, Lenovo has decided to start afresh. The company announced that it will ship cleaner, safer, adware-free and bloatware-free Windows PCs, by significantly reducing the number of pre-installed software on its systems. Lenovo has been down in dumps […]

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Lenovo working with Microsoft and McAfee to counter Superfish

Lenovo is in a fix as its SuperFish was caught in the net. Superfish installs itself as a certificate in the trusted certificates section so that more of advertisements can be shown while running searches etc. Though Lenovo maintains that […]

Lenovo debacle makes buyers turn to Microsoft Signature Edition computers

Following the Lenovo Superfish debacle, people are looking for places and vendors who can provide them with “clean” computers. Clean means no adware, no crapware, no bloatware but only the required operating system and required apps. Microsoft Store has been […]

Class Action Lawsuit against Lenovo for bundling Superfish under consideration

A Class Action Lawsuit against Lenovo, for bundling Superfish malware on its PCs, appears to be under consideration. Lenovo, the Chinese multinational computer Technology Company lately has been in headlines for shipping the machines preloaded with an adware Superfish. The […]

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Lenovo machines come pre-installed with Superfish Adware

If you have recently bought a Lenovo machine, it might contain an Adware called Superfish. Aghast security experts tweeted that some of the Lenovo machines shipped in the month of January still had the Superfish software installed. Lenovo installs Superfish Adware The […]

70 Touch, ERAZER X315

Lenovo Launches New Gaming PCs: Y70 Touch, ERAZER X315

In the ongoing IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited Show 2014, Lenovo announced new PC and laptops for the consumers with a perfect price tag. Lenovo announced Y70 Touch, the first 17-inch touch based laptop from its house and ERAZER X315, a […]

Google sells Motorola Mobility to Lenovo

Google yesterday announced that it would sell Motorola to the Chinese company Lenovo for $2.91 billion. This would be the largest ever tech deal done by the Chinese electronic giant Lenovo Group.  Larry Page wrote in his post , “We’ve […]

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Convertible Laptop Unveiled at IFA, Berlin

When it comes to working, no matter where, in the house or in the office, there appears no substitute for a computer with a large screen. When relaxing on the couch, playing around with tablet counts as a better option. […]

Lenovo opens its first U.S.-based computer manufacturing facility

The world’s second-largest PC vendor, Lenovo hosted a grand opening ceremony of its first US-based PC production facility. The 240,000 square feet Whitsett facility is located about 10 miles east of Greensboro. The opening ceremony was attended by North Carolina […]

Lenovo Unveils New Windows 8 Ultrabooks, Helix ThinkPad & Table PC At CES 2013

World’s largest technology conference CES commenced with some intriguing innovations today on Monday, January 7, 2013. In the line of latest gadgets, Lenovo announced its new Windows 8 devices at the event. The captivating lineup from Lenovo includes IdeaPad Z […]

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Lenovo’s IdeaPad Y560d 3D Laptop goes on sale today

During the middle of June, Lenovo announced its first 3D laptop, the IdeaPad Y560d. Today the Y560d is now available through the Lenovo website with a starting sale price of $1,499.00, which could change when or if it hits retail […]

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Lenovo announcess 3D-Capable IdeaPad

Lenovo today announced the Lenovo IdeaPad Y560d, the company’s first multimedia laptop with a 3D display. The Y560d features the TriDef 3D technology solution, which includes a 3D screen, software and glasses 1, so users can experience the unique sensation […]