Lenovo again found risking users to massive security breach

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  1. Did you see the date of that adviory, April 14 ’15, That is almost a month ago. That’s when this was released to the public. As far as running the TV tool versions and earlier, when you launch it you will be prompted to update the tool to the newer version. This is old news that you are putting out like it’s new. Responsible users keep their systems updated, that goes for the OS, software and tools. Most of the people I know that have Lenovo’s with the TV tool updated it weeks ago when the advisory came out.

  2. What? this comes as a surprise?
    People, it doesn’t who you buy your pc / laptop / hardware from, it doesn’t matter how many times you format and reformat they ALL have their quirks and backdoors, Our very own U.S.A. Based Microsoft Windows has a bevy of it’s own backdoors, most of which you will NEVER know about, at least this one was brought to the fore front and I am sure it will be addressed.

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