Lenovo promises crapware-free Windows PCs

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  1. To offer a 6 months free subscription on McAfee is ridiculous.
    McAfee are already one of the most annoying “crapware”, this “offer” give the 6 months free, then you are locked to a full paid subscription, until you directly contact McAfee to end the subscription, if you “forget” to cancel this 6 months free at least 1 month before the end of the free period you are forced to pay for a year, and then again at least one month before the end of this year ……..

    McAfee was my favourite AV software at the time it came on the marked for many years ago, but since then it has been a forceware/crapware/annoying ware and so on.
    It force it’s way through many free installations, even though I have paid for Winzip, the installation will always offer a free McAfee installation.

    When you install Java and do not show attention doing the installation process you will get the hideous and crappy ASK tool-bar

    And that’s make me HATE McAfee at the same level as I hate Java and ASK, they are just as bad.
    I can’t trust a company who do not respect the customer.
    The paradox is they like to expose their product as a security software.

    So this “offer” is Excuse my language, a crappy deal.

    By the way the spelling of the English word “offer” in Danish mean VICTIM 🙂

    So in Danish an offer is a victim.

    I know I sound angry, but I really aren’t

    Lenovo are still undisputed my #1 preferred brand.
    I normally make a clean installation, so I don’t get the crapware.

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