Mac Security flaws found by a former NSA employee

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  1. I think Apple gave Mac users a sense of false security for years that they were invincible when they really were not, Macs have been vulnerable far long before these discoveries had been made and until now that there market share has grown it is now being brought into the light. Not that I am being arrogant but I am sure glad to see it because I have been saying it for years, now we don’t have to hear from all the Mac fan boys about our Windows systems anymore, your systems have just as much maybe more and just as serious security flaws as any Windows system on the market.

  2. True. Apple trust the foolishness of their customers. So much so that they had run an ad that “Macs don’t get PC (Windows) viruses”.
    Any sane person would know if a Windows program does not run on Mac, nor will a Windows malware. Someone must have warned them against false advertisement, so they silently dropped the claim from their website.
    It had almost become a routine for iOS & OSX to be butchered first by Charlie Miller at ConSecWest Hacking completions.

  3. You and Mr. Gupta are very correct. And these days “false sense” even applies to Linux distros, where a distro or user installs apps which allow Linux to r/w re Windows files…even if Linux is unaffected by and “blind” to any code for Windows, it can transmit stuxnet or anything else to removable media and infect Windows when connected there; as more distros/users avail of such apps, one wonders how much longer it will take the Linux attack vector to increase as hackers attempt the reverse with malware unseen in Windows/Mac but transferred to Linux…which currently offers little in way of AV, on proposition Linux is “very malware-resistant”. Important to consider as even Google operates on 1,000 Linux servers, and users include “Amazon” and various national/local governments (proprietary SUSE platform notwithstanding).

  4. To all those Mac users that laughed at me in all the forums years ago …….. well, the joke is on you. How does it feel to buy an over priced malware magnet?

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