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Outlook for Mac UI

Microsoft Outlook for Mac gets redesigned

Microsoft is looking forward to completely overhaul its mail service – Outlook for Mac. The newer version will see some changes in the UI design alongside a few big improvements and enhancements to syncing. Outlook for Mac will support better […]

Microsoft Defender ATP now available for macOS

Microsoft has lately been working on building its business of services more than on platforms and products. Their whole motivation here is to adapt to the changing world and bring their capabilities and expand their user base to users who […]

Mac gets Translator for Outlook add-in Support

Outlook app on Mac now comes equipped with a Translator add-in. The Translator feature was one of the most sought after and Microsoft has shared the announcement that the Translator will not be available just on the Mac but also […]

Microsoft Visual Studio is coming to the Mac

Microsoft today announced that Visual Studio, the company’s flagship coding software, will now finally be available on Mac OS. While this may not seem like a huge development, it certainly voids Microsoft’s age-old strategy of keeping it restricted to Windows-only. […]

Office for Mac adds support for new Touch Bar features

Microsoft and Apple might be at loggerheads when it comes to the new Surface Book and the MacBook Pro, but that doesn’t mean that Office for Mac will not get the new features. In fact, Office for Mac was one […]

Microsoft updates Office 2016 for Mac to 64-Bit

Microsoft has lately been expanding its range of products for the Mac ecosystem. In fact, Windows users are accusing Microsoft of step-motherly treatment to its own OS. The allegations apart, Microsoft seems to exactly know what it is doing and […]

Microsoft announces OneNote Importer Tool for Mac Evernote users

Microsoft has been battling it out with Evernote and on this front, the company has launched a new importer tool to help Mac users ditch Evernote and start using OneNote. The app called OneNote Importer Tool for Mac will facilitate […]

Microsoft announces OneNote Class Note Book Tools for Mac

OneNote has been around for quite some time, and it has been a great Evernote alternative, especially on the Windows Phone. Microsoft since recently has been trying to make a mark with its software products across different operating systems. The […]

WhatsApp for Windows desktop is now available

Now you have a new way to use WhatsApp. A desktop app has been introduced by WhatsApp. With this, whether you are on phone or computer, you can stay in touch. Just like WhatsApp web , the desktop app is […]

VirusTotal begins analysis of Mac malware in a sandbox

The absence of adoption of antivirus solutions on Mac OS X is not surprisingly popular since the OS is considered safest and stable however, this innate ability doesn’t stop some adventurists from exploring different avenues that remain unknown. VirusTotal, reputed […]


Apple releases Boot Camp 6.1 to support Windows 10

A wide range of Macbook can now get the 64 bit version of Windows 10, states a support document posted by Apple today. Apple is rolling out the updated version of Boot Camp 6.1 only for the Yosemite users. Which […]

Mac security

Mac Security flaws found by a former NSA employee

Avira, the antivirus software company, recently reported that serious Mac security flaws were found out by a former NSA employee, Patric Wardle. As per this report, Patric brings to notice that Apple’s Gatekeeper code-verifying the technology for OS X can […]


This Unicode string can crash Chrome on Mac

If you are a Mac owner and normally use the Chrome browser, then know, that this special string of 13 characters can cause your tab in Chrome  for OS X to crash immediately. Although these special text characters don’t have […]

Office 2016 for Mac Preview goes live

After screening the much-awaited Office 2016 Suite over Android and iOS platforms, Microsoft has moved towards its Mac users. Today Microsoft officially launched its Office 2016 Preview for the Mac OS X. This release seems to be interesting for the […]

Mac OS X is the most vulnerable OS, says GFI

Mac OS X is the most vulnerable OS, says GFI. The latest report released by GFI states that Apple Mac OS is the most vulnerable OS with 147 vulnerabilities, with 64 having a severe security impact. The report further states […]

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WireLurker malware infects over 350K Mac and iPhone devices

A new malware called WireLurker is reported to be targeting Apple products in large numbers. Researchers discovered the new variant infecting  iOS devices via OS X carried from untrusted third-party app stores. The malware exhibits the ability to ‘jump’ to […]

Microsoft releases OneNote for Mac

Countless or never ending requests for a Mac client of OneNote has forced Microsoft to deliver the note-taking app – OneNote for Mac machines. Yes, the app used for capturing, storing, and organizing all kinds of information is now available […]

Apple celebrates 30 years of Mac innovations

Apple Mac turned 30 years old yesterday on January 24, 2014. The Cupertino-based company yesterday hosted a short video on YouTube to celebrate 30 years of Mac innovations. The official home page of the company also shows the 30th birthday […]

Microsoft brings in new Mac Office accreditation program

Microsoft has started a new pilot program “Microsoft Office for Mac Accredited Support Professional” to train and accredit Apple techs and consultants on Office 365 suites and Microsoft Office for Mac. This program will take place prior to each MacTech […]

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Apple quietly changes OS X security message on its website

In wake of the recent Flashback botnet which plagued more than 600,000 computers running on Apple’s Mac OS X and the security ‘brouhaha’ that ensued later on, Apple has removed a statement on its website that earlier said that Mac […]

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Mac users panic! New Flashback.S trojan installs without a password!

The Apple woes never seem to end as for now. After the various malware attacks, including the recent potent FlashBack attack, we thought maybe the attackers might just want to let it go, having taught Apple an important lesson in […]

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Sophos compares an infected Mac to a person who has Chlamydia

After the recent spate of malware attacks on Mac computers, it is pretty clear Mac computers aren’t exactly immune as was being believed by Mac users. One Mac in every five is infected with some kind of malware, reveals a new […]

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Apple catches the rot; Flashback Trojan infects 600,000 Mac systems

If you think that your Mac laptop/desktop is safe, think again! The (misplaced) confidence of Mac users, about the security of its operating system may backfire, as happened again, recently in the case of the  BackDoor.Flashback.39, also known simply as Flashback […]

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Mac OS X more vulnerable than Windows 7 !

Consider this situation; I wait at the airport lounge for my flight and the person sitting beside me opens up a Mac with Apple Mac OS X with while I binge upon my Acer 5742Z with Windows 7. What would […]

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Scareware comes to Mac OS X!

Windows users may be used to reading about scareware, but it now appears that scareware has made its way to the Apple Mac computer. A fake antivirus program calling itself the MACDefender is attacking Apple Mac computers.