Apple to open first offshore Technology Development Center in Hyderabad, India

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  1. You are mistaken, Indians help fix your bugs effectively and make your life easier. No wonder some of the top corporate heads are people of Indian origin. Take the case of Pichai (Google), Nadella (Microsoft), Natayan (Adobe), DSouza (Cognizant), Mehrotra (SanDisk), Indra (Pepsico), Banga (MasterCard), etc. So I suggest you sit back and enjoy your Pepsi and chips, and let us do the work. 😉

  2. You are so right about those US companies that have your native CEOs. In each case you mention, they are producing crappy, buggy products and Microsoft is leading the pack. Software quality has dramatically declined over the past 7-10 years, because all you worry about is writing code quickly instead of doing it correctly.

    Again, I make lots of money because of your inability to perform the task correctly, coding or otherwise. If you don’t believe me, I would be happy to share my statistical findings with you. Of course, I’m guessing that you are not smart enough to understand the metrics.

    BTW, I love your Pepsi and chips comment – reflects your utter stupidity. I would welcome the debate with you if you are smart enough for the challenge. Like everyone else from your native land, you are not.

  3. LOL. Your racial bigotry comes across well. No wonder you guys are heading towards decadence. Move on dude … go back to munching your chips.

  4. Satyanarayan, I bet you also lie about your education, age, birthday, work experience, certifications, etc… typical traits that Americans observe with the roaches — and you are not fooling anyone.

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