Bill Gates Foundation working on “Birth Control Chip”

Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation is working on a birth control chip that can be remote controlled. The birth control chip can be implanted into people’s body – in hip, inside arms or even beneath the back – and can be used for 16 years. The research on birth control chip was kept a secret until now, before the spokesperson for Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation confirmed that the beta testing for the birth control chip would be starting towards the end of this year and that they need volunteers to assist in real life testing of the chip.

Image - Microsoft Bill Gates Foundation Birth Contol Chip

The birth control chip is the brain child of a professor, Robert Langer, from Massachussets Institute of Technology. Bill Gates and Melinda foundation has funded the research and the prototype is ready for human testing. The chips will be ready for sale by the year 2018 according to Robert Langer. The institute’s Chip Foundation and Bill Gates’ foundation have been working on the birth control chip for past three years.

The chip’s size is 20mm by 20mm by 7mm. The reservoirs of hormones would be stored on a microchip of 1.5cm. The chip’s data would always be encrypted so that others (cybercriminals or hackers) cannot access the information contained in the chip or misuse/alter or destroy it.

At the core of the Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation’s birth control pill is the huge reservoir that can hold almost two decades worth of hormones. A quantity of 30 micrograms of the stored hormones will be released daily into the body so that the ladies are safe and do not get pregnant. The release of hormones will be done by melting a part of solid hormonal stock using a small electric shock which won’t be noticed by humans.

The safety tests would begin by the end of year 2015 and Robert Langer is confident that the chips will hit market sometime in 2018. The main target of these chips are women in third world who are often subject to pain and risks of death during early pregnancies. This chip will also help couples plan a better parenting pattern as chances of things going wrong would be much less than any other contraceptives available in the market as of now.

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  1. Cindy Templin

    horrible Don’t have sex if you don’t want to get pregnant. Don’t put junk in you r body

  2. Bawbby

    You really are just completely ignorant, aren’t you? This is intended to help women in situations where they really don’t have any choice in the matter, as a safe and effective way to help mitigate what is already likely a bad situation for them. The fact that it will have side benefits for consenting adults in the rest of the world is just icing on the cake.

  3. loody

    Don’t drive if you don’t want to have car accident

  4. Tae Ano

    Someone seems to have misplaced a few zeros. 30ml is a LOT.

    Source: trained expert in pipetting miniscule amounts of liquid between plastic containers every day

  5. Preston Hanford

    And what about the women all over the world can’t say no? Families in third world countries that are growing out of control, because even if they don’t want to have any more children, they often don’t have a choice. This isn’t a black and white issue from either side, try keeping your mind open to the possibilities

  6. Oops. Should read micrograms.

  7. Andrea

    Remote controlled by whom? And later, removed by the woman if she wants a baby?

  8. Silvia Postill

    no…it’s you who is ignorant,and also incredibly condescending…Let’s fast forward here..shall we?
    Because anyone with a little knowledge of history & a little foresight knows…this is going to be implemented for future (forced) population control — not women’s safety..

    ”In the 1990’s the UN’s World Health Organization launched a campaign to vaccinate millions of women in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines between the ages of 15 and 45, allegedly against Tetanus, a sickness arising from such things as stepping on a rusty nail. The vaccine was not given to men or boys, despite the fact they are presumably equally liable to step on rusty nails as women.

    Because of that curious anomaly, Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organization became suspicious and had vaccine samples tested. The tests revealed that the Tetanus vaccine being spread by the WHO only to women of child-bearing age contained human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or hCG, a natural hormone which when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier stimulated antibodies rendering a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy. None of the women vaccinated were told.”

  9. 1Verny65

    I would like to know why they NEVER make these kinds of things for the MEN, why must WOMEN always be their danged guinea pigs???? Birth control has typically always been the woman’s problem and HER body which it was tested on, I think MEN should take a turn….

  10. Kendra Pettengill

    Wow, some people are so pharmaceutical brainwashed that they are now declaring things safe and effective before they have even been tested.

  11. Kendra Pettengill

    Well by Bill Gates of course! And Jerry Brown and Senator Pan will decide when it can be removed for the state approved Baby.

  12. Shane

    Look up vasalgel it is in final trials and been used for years on MEN in India. Better and cheaper product than this neugenic remote control crap.

  13. Eileen Foster

    If the fertility of men were to be controlled, that would be too uncomfortable for discussion.


    evidently you’ve never been in a third world country were these women don’t have a saying when there being raped ,would you want a child from a rapest I think not

  15. cve4me

    The chip implantation is another way of forcing a person to give up their rights . Yes if a female want the birth control Fine. Just do it without the techo chip data accessing capacity.

  16. Silvia Postill

    ..only…microchips aren’t the answer Randy…they won’t prevent rape…no drug can do that.

    …and as for the 3rd world..Gates’s foundation along with WHO have already taken care of eradicating the masses in 3rd world via the spermicidal GMO’s and involuntary (underhand) ”vaccination”-sterilisation programmes…the billions invested in vaccines & drugs,would be better spent on providing them with basic sanitation system..clean water…basic nutrition…and EDUCATION…but of course…that would revolutionise the health of the continent…not something they desire…so please don’t think for a second,this is to protect women from rape..or to ‘protect ‘ women in general…this is all about state control,and nothing else.

  17. Kathryn Thomason Cleveland

    I would think that if men are impregnating women against the women’s will, then the men need a chip that will render them incapable of committing rape.

  18. kodster

    Well, I can think of ONE application where it would be suitable. In child brides of Islam.

  19. kodster

    I can think of one demographic that would want it… the child brides of Islam. They have a much higher incidence of mortality in child birth, both for the mother and the child, because they’re not old enough to be able to carry a child and deliver it safely. They cannot say no, because they are raped by their older husbands. Also, the purpose of having so many children is now the means of Islam taking control of a country, just by having sheer numbers of them, compared to the native population who is already practicing some form of birth control.

  20. kodster

    Not a bad idea, Kathryn. Equal play!

  21. kodster

    Perhaps remote-controlled by the woman, herself, to turn off so that she CAN get pregnant if she wants to. Of course, they don’t go into detail on that point in the article.

  22. kodster

    But it should be. It takes TWO to tango.

  23. kodster

    It’s all about population control. 3rd world countries produce the most people and the elites like Bill Gates are determined to reduce the population of the world to less than 500 million.

  24. 1Verny65

    Too uncomfortable for WHO to discuss – the MEN???? Why the heck should women ALWAYS put THEIR bodies at risk so the men can have their fun???!!! Most of the time, their “fun” is not worth the bother anyhow!!! LOL…..

  25. colibriverde

    I don’t see how this improves current birth control methods. What it does is make your reproductive freedom vulnerable to hackers and megalomaniac billionaires. Just take the pill, or don’t. It’s a lot easier and safer.

  26. colibriverde

    We should make the pill and other birth control methods available to poor women in third world countries. This implant is not an improvement of current birth control methods. What it does is make it possible for others to control a woman’s fertility by remote control.

  27. Bawbby

    You’re completely ridiculous. In fact, pretty much everyone in this whole thread is. You drank that whole anti-progress koolade well and true, huh? I suppose you’re also anti vaccine and think GMOs are destroying the universe.

  28. Aviendha

    Horrid! Think what it would do to the person; and how long before someone (government, hackers) finds a way to hack it.

  29. Aviendha

    But do you think the husband would allow his child bride to get the implant in the first place?

  30. kodster

    Honestly? No, and the state wouldn’t interfere, since it’s an Islamic-controlled state. But it’s still the target demographic.

  31. Noeline TePania

    Agree steoofie. I can see here its all about controlling females not one mention about males being controlled. All about women taking the pill having IUD’s having micro chips. What about child brides?? The question i would ask is why not steralizing the boys who become men who treat women like objects??? Well!!! Put one in men leave the girls alone. Better still cut it off!!! Oops did i say cut it off, oops sorry :-

  32. Noeline TePania

    Yes raped by whom!!!??? MEN! Have the men rendered incapable. Not the women, flipping heck MEN are the issue not women.

  33. stefoodie

    i don’t see how this is acceptable. you may see it as a lesser evil, but in reality it’s just making it easy for the child bride to be raped. pregnancy is not the oppression here, it’s the MAN and the RAPE that needs to be stopped. how this can be seen as HELPING women is beyond me. you’re putting a teeny bandaid on a GAPING wound.

  34. kodster

    I totally agree, stefoodie. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with the whole concept, let alone someone like Bill Gates, MIT, etc., being involved. He’s a member of the NWO, and MIT is one of their think thanks. It’s a union made in hell.

  35. Josh Bare

    You are a shill. They’re not destroying the universe, just our bodies. Thanks for playing.

    Gates Foundation is a front for depopulation. These monsters have unlimited funds for vaccines, but where’s the food? You wanna keep people healthy? Put in infrastructure to feed organic foods.

    Don’t send them caseloads of aluminum and mercury. Common sense says…

  36. nuff said

    I think its GREAT !! Let’s start with Pelosi !! wait she’s just old mare, , so let’s start with all women in DC – I think the first lady should be “first” -probably have to run a genetics test first to determine if they are a man or a woman – minor glithch! – leave it to men to put the anchor on women – SO… let’s just de-ball 3/4 of the male population – by lottery – no, no, no, let’s put it to a vote of the women!! ya – that’s the ticket!! who needs science – most ranchers have the ball cutters and experience to accomplish this – don’t even need a knife, band them, just run’em through cattle head gates – apply a small rubber band and those offending appendages fall off like rotten apples – SO much wasted money on technology… the mental giants that actually argue for this should be the first to go under the knife or have a little bitty band snapped around their “brains”…………….

  37. WeimMom

    Bill Gates Depopulation Speech

    Depopulation for New World Order
    Watch just the 1st 15 minutes (at least) Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Ted Turner ALL calling for 90% depopulation!

  38. Ella Klyashitsky

    Bawbby you’re a fine example of the propaganda working. The most frightening thing is that they brainwash enough people and then they uphold and defend the lies that are destroying them themselves.

  39. Bawbby

    Uh huh. Try looking in the mirror when you say that.

  40. Bawbby

    Thanks for giving a great example of how stupid people miss the point. He’s not saying vaccines are used for population reduction. He’s saying that population management is important, and vaccines mean people can have less children because they don’t need to worry about losing children to easily preventable diseases. And if you think that’s a BAD thing, then there’s really no hope for you at all, you’re just a terrible person.

  41. Exo Human

    Ignorant? Research eugenicist Bill Gates, and the real agenda he’s pursuing. It’s all about population reduction: genocide.

  42. Leif Burrow

    Implantable birth control capable of lasting years has existed for a long time. This is just a better method of the same. Has anyone FORCED you to implant anything?

  43. Leif Burrow

    Um… actually there is a ton of demand for male birth control both as an option for couples to combine with female birth control for better reliability and for men so that they don’t have to trust the woman to take it.

    Basically, men want it for the same reason as women.

    Researchers simply haven’t had as much luck coming up with a drug that will do the job and is reversible. There have been many attempts and a few that seemed promising until further testing showed they were either not effective enough or not safe.

    But.. don’t let reality get in the way of your sexist, conspiracy paranoid rants! Wow this is a horrible forum. Only the crazies in here it would seem!

  44. Leif Burrow

    Who will remotely control these devices? The article didn’t explain because to a reasonably intelligent person it should be obvious! These are tiny tiny implantable size devices not cellphones! They are not receiving signals from the Gates Foundation headquarters or from the national government’s capital! That would require antennas, batteries and more complicated receivers that would NOT fit in that package. They are only going to be able to receive signals from mere inches away. So.. you need direct access to the person to turn it on or off.

    Who has that kind of access… no doubt the woman’s Doctor! And who does the doctor work for? For the woman! Clearly she gets to decide when to turn it on or off.

    The remote aspect means that doing so doesn’t involved cutting the device back out of her body. It does not mean that some government agency is pressing buttons in an office somewhere turning people’s reproductive organs on and off. The encryption means that some hacker can’t hide a transmitter in his/her coat and go wander a busy place turning off the birth control of every woman he/she happens to brush by. It keeps the decision hers.

    What a bunch of morons in here!

  45. 1Verny65

    While attacking me for my so-called “sexist” remark, you also admit that they don’t have one yet, if the demand from men is so great then WHY don’t they have one….you say they were either not effective enough or not safe yet when what I am yelling about is that they are NOT safe for women either, we don’t know until years later what the birth control pills have done to us, caused us to go into an early menopause and a menopause that lasts virtually forever, etc….I am not being sexist, BTW, I am simply being honest and most guys don’t like that in a woman…I, unlike many women, don’t care and am not in this world to say the things men want to hear because, frankly Leif, I don’t give a dam…..I and women COUNT, too!!!!

  46. Leif Burrow

    “While attacking me for my so-called “sexist” remark”

    Because you are stating that men as a group want women to take all the responsibility for birth control and are unwilling to do so themselves. I know I would be very interested in a male birth control, maybe the side effects would be better for me than my wife’s is for her. Or.. at least the combination would be more reliable than just the one.

    From time to time I do see articles on the internet talking about how some researcher or another is working on a male pill. Google it and read the comments people write. It should be pretty clear to you that there are A LOT of men who would also like male birth control. Do you really think that guys would prefer to get a vasectomy? Yeah, we all just love the idea of getting cut down there!

    You are making an assumption… that because male birth control isn’t available that means no-one is trying to make it and this is because they would rather just let women take all the risk. There are other explanations which could also explain it. Perhaps nobody has developed male birth control because it is simply more difficult or even impossible. Personally I don’t have enough medical knowledge to say one way or the other what drugs nature makes possible but.. given that I do know there is a market for it… that would certainly be the more plausible explanation.

    Think about it. No form of birth control has ever been 100% effective. If both male and female birth control were available wouldn’t most couples use both? We are talking about nearly doubling what is already a billions dollar market. Do you really think drug companies wouldn’t be pushing the male pill if they could only come up with one? Do you really think that the men (and women?) running them are more motivated by their own anti-women sexism than they are money? Are they motivated by anything more than money? Ha!

    But hey.. I wouldn’t want to spoil your little conspiracy theory with a little reason. I know it is more fun to think you are part of an oppressed group and the world is against you. Perhaps you can find a good cheese to go with your whine.

  47. Marie Van Gompel Alsbergas

    These are simply more excuses to allow Neo-Malthusiastic men to show their utter contempt for women and children.

    The anti-rape cup would be more appropriate protection against unwanted intercourse. Waiting for physical maturity before marriage would be better than selling and buying child brides. Proper maternal nutrition and health care would be better protection against underweight or premature babies. Encouraging mothers to consume baby formula and clean water themselves while continuing to nurse their babies would not only create stronger maternal-child bonds and healthier babies, but it would be a totally natural way to allow a longer span between pregnancies.

    Considering all the natural resources needed to produce this microchip, the antiseptic needs to install it, and the potential bio-hazard that storage of this much hormone entails, I do not see this as a “green” or “environmentally safe” alternative to proper nutrition and health care.

    “The release of hormones will be done by melting a part of solid hormonal stock using a small electric shock which won’t be noticed by humans.” Many women in developing countries still cook over open fires, and suffer frequent burns on their arms and legs because of these small open flames. Locating the chip in a part of the body exposed to frequent burns is ridiculous. If this becomes popular in developed countries where electricity burns and medical treatments are more common, will accidental overdoses or scrambled circuitry cause more harm than good?

  48. Silvia Postill

    ..precisely..I’am.and you my lovely…do really need to educate yourself on some hard truths.

  49. Bawbby

    Nah, I’m fully aware that the world is full of selfish jerks who think their precious snowflakes are more important than humanity as a whole.

  50. Peter

    Man is not even fit to director ones steps

  51. kodster

    Agreed, 100%. But the likes of the elites of the NWO, and their organizations, are Godless.

  52. Angel Griffin

    This is the mark of the beast don’t do it please read your bibles. I just found out don’t take it believe in Jesus Christ.

  53. Angel Griffin

    It’s the mark of the beast they need to believe in Jesus Christ

  54. Daniel from Poland

    Judge me as a ignorant, but that’s literally start of build societies synthetically. Lectures based on Melinda Bill Gates foundation’s philosophy present in my opinion very bad way of understanding what is a human. For centuries people used to base a harmony between each other on rules which are contained in very different, for example theological books. The books are word, there are thoughts, ideas in them, knowledge.If people did not have books, they had a word, they had to talk in purpose of create compromise, but somebody had to show them mercy, wisdom in purpose of showing them how to live in that harmony. Nowadays there is no mercy. Instead of changing bad habits, rules, by building relations and harmonizing basic parts of country which are: economy, education, infrastructure etc. and boosting importance of basic unit called family, by doing it all from scratch. They suggest shortcut, artifical erasing of a problem which has been grown from greed and pursuit for money of rich people. The idea is like: do not create conscious societies which could grow and expand, but eliminate risk of diseases by injecting chip in their bodies, let them have their pleasures without consequences, so they will become addicts, finally they will become healthy and dependent society of robots, meant for mining valuable raw materials for nothing, because people won’t know what is the real freedom of mind.

  55. forFearOfBeingListed NotDiclos

    also the same elite saves the most of them from horryfiing diseases

  56. forFearOfBeingListed NotDiclos

    this is great for woman in Africa, who doesn’t want to get pregnant, but have no way to have protection. Bill and Melinda Gates saves more people from dying and suffering in Africa, than any other foundations I know.

  57. forFearOfBeingListed NotDiclos

    if you look at the statistics of abortions you realize that rape is a miniscule part of it. mostly it is unwanted children from consexual sex. Feminists should at least realize when a product is released to their pleasing.

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