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5 Microsoft Kingpins spent their millions lavishly

Microsoft is filled with millionaire guys and gals, and rightfully so since the company is so successful. The question is, though, what do some of these millionaires/billionaires Microsoft faithful’s have done with their money over the years. Some of them […]

Bill Gates Foundation working on “Birth Control Chip”

Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation is working on a birth control chip that can be remote controlled. The birth control chip can be implanted into people’s body – in hip, inside arms or even beneath the back – and can […]

Bill Gates working on Project Personal Agent at Microsoft

After promoting the machine that converts human waste into clean drinking water and supporting Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance the co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates is now working on a project in Microsoft. Gates recently revealed on Reddit that he is […]


Bill Gates uses Microsoft Office Mix to create a presentation

Office Mix is an amazing service by Microsoft. And now you can see a great example of how this technology can be efficiently used to create a presentation that visually appealing and interactive. This presentation is created by Bill Gates […]

Bill Gates chats again on Ask Me Anything session on Reddit

Microsoft founder Bill Gates enjoyed doing last year’s Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) so much that he was back for another round of questions, ranging from broad principles of philanthropy to technology. He chose to use the handle “thisisbillgates,” and […]

Bill Gates under pressure to step down as Chairman of Microsoft

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Corp.  (MSFT) is now known worldwide for his philanthropic work. Popular London-based news agency – Reuters reports three of the top 20 investors in Microsoft Corp are lobbying the board to press for Bill Gates to step down […]

Why is Bill Gates coming to India – 3 reasons!

Bill Gates is certainly a man who believes in changing the world for better. His frequent visits to India and the initiatives he has taken for the development of the poor and the underprivileged have certainly contributed in their struggle […]

Xbox One Anthem video features Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg and more

Microsoft finally revealed its all new Xbox One gaming console in a special press event at Redmond headquarters today. The event also featured a new introductory Xbox anthem video featuring Bill Gates and a few of other leading celebrities from the […]

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Bill Gates Hosting AMA (Ask Me Anything) Sessions On Reddit

Have you ever wished to ask something to Bill Gates? If yes, then get ready with your query. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft has begun answering the questions on Reddit today at 10:45 PST (1.45 pm EST).  Bill Gates is […]

Key points from Bill Gates 2013 Annual Letter

In his continuing quest of improving the world for the next generation and eradicate illness, poverty, Microsoft Co-founder – Bill Gates published his fifth annual letter in which he highlighted the fact that accurate measurements and clear goals are the […]

‘I have no use for money beyond a certain point’, says Bill Gates

To amass wealth is not a sin, but one must also engage himself in donating alms. Mr. William Henry “Bill’ Gates rightly believes so. Even after owning a lakeside estate in Washington State worth about $ 150 million, having a […]

Bill Gates adds $7 Billion to his fortunes in 2012

Bloomberg today posted the Billionaires Index, ranking world’s 100 wealthiest individuals. World’s 100 richest people got even richer in 2012, with addition of $241 billion of collective net worth. With the market close on the last day of the year […]

Apple products are still banned in Bill Gates house!

Using an Apple device is still banned in the Gates household, it seems. Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and among the worlds wealthiest men doesn’t allow members from his family to use Apple products. Though this was stated back in 2010 […]

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The Giving Pledge, a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation initiative

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has launched an initiative “The Giving Pledge” where around 40 of the richest people in the world have come together and pledged to donate a  majority of their inheritance to charitable foundations.

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Microsoft founder has fond words for his rival.

When asked about Steve Jobs in a TV special that aired this week, Bill Gates said the Apple co-founder has shown “more inspiration” than any other leader in the tech industry.

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Bill Gates’ July 2009 India visit – In brief.

Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, announced an increase in his foundation’s AIDS prevention commitment in India to $338 million, saying India’s AIDS prevention could be a model for the rest of the world.

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Watch Bill Gates Live at Microsoft Research India 5th Anniversary

Bill Gates will be in India to inaugurate the 5th year anniversary celebrations of the Microsoft Research Centre and attend a symposium on “Research and Innovation – The Keys to India’s Future” on Friday, 24 July 2009.